It seems my endless Spider-Man drawings are going to finally pay off. Tomorrow I’m painting my cousins’ bedroom wall with a giant Spider-Man, which should be really cool. I was drawing sketches of what I might paint at work, and a woman noticed and commented how good she thought they were. She then said that she was planning on having her son’s room painted with something along the lines of Spider-Man…and she took down my number and is calling within the next few days to hire me (most likely since I’m cheap). Plus my Aunt/Uncle’s friends want me to paint THEIR kids room as well. I would gladly paint walls with my favorite comic character for free (since these people pay for the supplies), but to also make some money is going to be great!! If this goes well I might start advertising in the newspaper and it could become my summer job, which would sure beat bagging groceries and pushing carts.

In other news, my dad had entered a contest at one of our local newstations and he won the grand prize! A new $200 DVD player, plus the second season of Alias on DVD which was signed by the cast!! But that does this mean for me since I’m at college? It means I get the old DVD player, which is awesome because I was going to buy one otherwise. Hot dog!
Now I’ve gotta get to bed…and watch some Family Guy. Tomorrow’s goint to be very busy with all the painting which should be interesting since I’ve never worked on that large a scale.

Tomorrow night I will be typing up the next installment of the LORD OF THE RINGS series, so you can look forward to that. (I didn’t forget!)


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