A Special Thank You (LIVEJOURNAL)

              Whose the most awesome person (not that its unusual)? Sarah D. She continues to be the most friendly, supportive person I’ve ever known. My grandmother is most likely going to die at the hosptial tonight, and I was IMing Sarah about it the other day. But then she got off and did an unexpected gesture: she called to let me know that if I need anything she’ll be there. It may not seem like a big deal, but it made me feel very supported and cared for. But that’s the usual with her. Consistently friendly, fun to be with (how many girls do YOU know who like video games?!), and has an amazing panda hat that makes you laugh inside. And to top it off, she’s amazinglybeautiful but doesn’t flaunt it. How rare is that in our society today? Too many women put on gobs of make-up or act, for lack of a better word, slutty. Or too girly (“Ow, I broke a nail” anyone?). Some girl made me change the channel in the college lounge because she wanted to watch some fashion show. Gag! Sarah on the other hand would only want the program changed to play a no-holds-barred game of Halo on Xbox or to watch Lord of the Rings. HOW COOL IS THAT!! 

             I could go on and speak volumes about how great she is, but let me sum it up all at once right here:
 Sarah is the best girl friend I have ever knownEVER. And if you’re reading this Sarah, let me just say thank you. You’ve done more than you will ever know.
                                                             – Super Dave 

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