And Now For Something Completely Different… (LIVEJOURNAL)

Today I’m just providing a random update on a whole bunch of stuff. Take it or leave it.
Has any one heard about this “bird flu” that’s spreading across the planet? A ton of countries are already being plagued by this, causing all chicken sales to practically cease in China. Inevitably the disease is going to reach our shores, and I can’t help but wonder what the heck is going on?! First there’s mad cow disease and the beef industry suffered a blow, and now poultry. Next thing you know its going to be raining frogs.
And now for something completely different.
There was also a 2 suicide bombers in northern Iraq today; 50+ dead and over 200 wounded last I heard. My opinion on the whole Iraq schtick? Saddam had to be taken out since he HAD been murdering his people in the tens of thousands. And yet our country didn’t seem to care as a whole. Sound familiar? Hitler was taking out Jews left and right and America just sat back until it directly affected us. President Dubya decided not to make that same mistake and act sooner rather than later and I wholeheartedly approve. America’s post-war plans are severely lacking however, and I am frustrated that Bush did NOT plan ahead for the aftermath. The war went smoothly with few casualties, but now the number is over 500 because America didn’t have a clear cut conclusion in the works. The Iraqis should be blamed too, since many of them aren’t cooperating, and after we just saved their towel-wrapping heads from a dictator no less! They have houses built out of mud and sticks so forgiving me for thinking a little less of them. They are so far behind America and all we are trying to do is to help them play catch-up to some degree. Is that so wrong? Methinks not.
And now for something completely different.
Here’s a few words on Michael Jackson and Kobe Bryant. Jackson is out of his mind and barely human anymore. Lock him up for good. Better yet, toss the Kobe rapist in there with him to mix things up. It isn’t fair celebrities get such weaker punishments. If some middle class citizen were accused of child molestation or rape, the case would be done in a matter of months. And Jackson’s been getting away with it for years. Ridiculous.
And now for something completely different.
What about those who are pregnant with triplets or quadruplets? I read in Newsweek that doctors regularly offer to KILL one, two, or three of them to increase the odds of at least one successful birth. If you don’t see a problem with this, read what I wrote again. That’s right, KILL!! And 60% of American parents chose to do this every year!! Whether you’re religiously inclined or not, there’s no real way to justify this practice. “But what about health concerns? Maybe the mother-to-be just doesn’t want to risk losing all the children or even her own life!” Well maybe she shouldn’t have, for lack of better words, been screwing around. See? There is NO way to justify. I find it interesting that we’re declaring war on countries left and right, but American doctors are committing murder on a daily basis. Bush is a hardcore Christian too, so I would think he’d try to do something to stop this massacre. But then again its election season and he’s got to look pretty to the American public (this is called sarcasm, folks) by appeasing to the majority.

And now for something completely different.

Any one heard of the Marvel Legends figures? Most feature 30-40 points of articulation which is impressive in itself. But a new Spider-Man figure has been released with, get ready, SIXTY SEVEN points of articulation!!! We’re talkin’ individually jointed fingers here. Buy it if you find it…it’s about $20 at Wal-Mart.
Alright, so maybe that last segment was a flop for some. But I think I covered a good variety of issues. War, morality, politics, the whole kitten-kaboodle.
But seriously, buy that Spider-Man. It’s cool.

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