Well, this is interesting. I received a strong response to my AND NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT entry, specifially on the comments about the Iraq War. I’m posting the response without the screen name to respect the privacy of the writer. Here’s the segment that he is responding to:
The Iraqis should be blamed too, since many of them aren’t cooperating, and after we just saved their towel-wrapping heads from a dictator no less! They have houses built out of mud and sticks so forgiving me for thinking a little less of them. They are so far behind America and all we are trying to do is to help them play catch-up to some degree. Is that so wrong? Methinks not.
And now, the response. I added a few punctuation marks so it could be read as paragraphs, with no changes to the actual text.
that’s some pretty racist bullshit there dave
           america supported saddam and would’ve continued to support him if he hadn’t turned against us just like we supported osama bin laden and just like how we now support the dictatorship in Saudi Arabia, which oppresses its people and executes a woman if she’s found alone w/ a man or is raped but they give us oil they cooperate; Saddam wanted the oil for himself; Osama Bin Laden from the beginning hated america but took our money and used it to his advantage. And even if America is truly helping Iraqis, the United States reputation in the Middle East is horrible. 
           America gives $3billion in “aid” to Israel, and then Israel uses that to build more tanks and bombs to use on the Palestinians. If you are a Palestinian you are trapped in the city you live; it takes 12 hours to go through a check point and travel 2miles to another city; if you’re in the “wrong” zone, you can be shot by a sniper; children who’ve seen their family killed in front of them throw rocks at occupying Israel soldiers and are shot back at with machine guns. Next time you make a comment about these “towel wrapping” people think twice, is America really that much ahead, we’re just better at covering up.
           what’s going to happen is that America now has control of the oil and most of the middle east, and my culture will slowly be destroyed. I’m not Iraqi, I’m Lebanese, but Lebanon is in the same region; if it could happen to Iraq it can happen here.
           i went off there on you; it just really pissed me off that you said that stuff you did

I IM’d back the following response:
                Well, I don’t think we should support any dictatorships, so i agree with you there. America should stop supporting Saudi Arabi and stay consistent (if we stop supporting one dictator, we should do the same for all of them). America also screwed up by helping Osama and Saddam in the past and now its come back to bite us in the ass. i agree on the points about Israel, which only used our money to buy more tanks. but i wasn’t getting into the Israel/Palestine issue…only Iraq.
                 I do agree that Saddam had to be taken out, but NOT in a full-blown war. And it’s true that the Iraqis are killing our soldiers for trying to help (even if its misguided, the soldiers had no choice…they’re just the messengers after all). My comment about “mud and sticks” wasn’t meant to be cruel. I just think some decent housing and running water is necessary for the region, and they should appreciate that the U.S. is trying to help them accomplish this (granted we did DAMAGE their cities quite a bit too, I realize that). I don’t think their culture should be changed, because i’m all for diversity. I’m just talking about their state of living…toilets would be good, right? I will admit the towel-wrapping thing was racist, and I say mildly because they DO wear towels wrapped on their heads. I just used the wrong tone. 
                There’s always news on CNN about more and more soldiers being killed who are simply trying to restore running water, and some of these same soldiers were killed by Iraqis. If the Iraqis don’t want to show gratitude, that’s fine. But that doesn’t mean they should kill us on a daily basis! Our soldiers are good people and I they should be treated better by the people we are helping. Simple as that. As an American, I am frustrated to see the American death toll well over 500, and with that comes a degree of anger towards the Iraqi people. Do I hate them? No. Are they inferior? Technologically, yes. As a people, no. Should the war have happened? No. Should Saddam have been taken out? Yes. Does America have a flawed policy? Yes, but is improving slowly. I guess we can only do our best and hope that things get better before they get worse, for all countries in conflict. God Bless the World.  
                 While the feedback was in strong opposition to what I wrote, I think this was a really good, mature discussion. There are many viewpoints out there and its nice to have a REAL, honest response. Any one who would like to weigh in on this topic is welcome to respond as well. I’d love to hear from you!  

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