Gays: To Marry or Not to Marry? My Thoughts (LIVEJOURNAL)

This is going to be fun. No matter where my opinion lies on this issue there will likely be backlash, but here we go anyway. Read the whole thing before saying “oh no he di’int!”
             I do NOT support gay marriage in America but partially condemn an Amendment preventing it from happening. I may not be the most religious person in the world, but I believe marriage to be the HOLY UNION of a man and a woman. Simple as that.
            This isn’t to say that the battle lines are decided based on who is religious and who is not. There’s a completely objective way to look at it all while removing any religious viewpoint: pro-creation. Two members of the same sex can’t reproduce and, as obvious as that is, is a very important point. It proves that gays and lesbians are not natural…male and female are meant to reproduce with the opposite sex according to every law of nature. You don’t have to beleive in God, but nobody can deny Nature. Well, okay…apparently they can. })
             I have heard on the news that the “equality under the law” stance is being used in protests, which is remniscent of segregation. But last I heard, being gay isn’t a matter of race but, rather, a sexual preference. Black people don’t have a say in the color of their skin, do they? Some may argue that people are born gay and there is nothing that can be done to change that. But I have also read of scientists that found a difference in the brain chemistry of homosexuals. suggesting that there is in fact a chemical imbalance to blame. Either way, gays do have a choice to embrace their orientation or not. So there we have it: race is uncontrollable, homosexuality IS controllable.
            So after all that, why would I be somewhat against an Amendment baning gay marriage? Separation of Church and State, my friend, and nothing more. If the government is going to decide who can marry who then it better start making other moral decisions (ie/ eliminating the death penalty and abortion). While I am against those two practices as well, the government is NOT a church and shouldn’t act like one. A distinction is vital if only because this separation has existed for so long that any change in the status quo would create chaos. An Amendment should be a last resort to prevent permenant damage to the very concept of marriage

            I would like to make a final note that I do know a few gay people, and I am not condemning them in any way. Some of them are perfectly respectable people and I don’t have ill feelings toward them. But I do disagree with their lifestyle and believe it to be against what God and/or Nature intended. It is their life however, and they can live it however they choose, despite my opinion.


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