2004 Movie Guide (Through May) (LIVEJOURNAL)

2004 looks like a great year at the movies! I’m a big fan of comic-based films, and there’s several coming out soon. Impressive dramas are on the horizon, as well as some potentially classic war flicks. Below are the movies I think will be worth seeing through May of 2004, in order of release:

Passion of the Christ (Feb 25)
: Being one of the most controversial films ever made makes it worth seeing alone. But on top of that, it is ALSO a great movie that will bring you, I don’t care who you are, to tears. Alot. Any movie that can play with your emotions as much as this deserves to be on this list.
Starsky and Hutch (March 5): I already saw it…was it great? No, I wouldn’t go that far. But with hilarious acting by Ben Stiller, Will Ferrell, and Owen Wilson it was worth seeing. In an age where most comedies tend to flop, this one more or less delivered for a change. Not worth paying $9 for though (go to a matinee).
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (March 19): Did anyone see The Truman Show? Yes? For those that did, isn’t Jim Carrey surprisingly talented at drama? Yeah, I thought so too. And this time around it includes some comedy, another fascinating plot, and a talented cast including Kirsten Dunst and Frodo Baggins…I mean, Elijah Wood.
The Ladykillers (March 26): All I know is that Tom Hanks rarely makes a bad movie, and this performance is said to be his best since Forrest Gump. And that means something.
Hellboy (April 2): The first comic movie of the year!!! I’ve been following the entire production of the film, and I guarantee its going to satisfy. I’m really excited about this one.
Envy (April 2): Ben Stiller, Jack Black, Christopher Walken. This is a movie about an invention that can make poo disappear. Do I really have to sell this movie to you?! I’ve been waiting for this for almost a year, and I am ready laugh myself silly. If you like comedies, this will satisfy in spades. In fact, I already predict it will be the funniest movie of 2004. There, I said it.
The Punisher (April 16): The second comic movie…and in the same month!!! While Hellboy looks visually more impressive, I think this one will be a bit stronger in terms of plot. Thomas Jane really got into his role playing Frank Castle, and the R-rating assures we’ll all get to see this comic book character fully come to life.
Kill Bill Vol. 2 (April 16): I’ve only seen segments of the first Kill Bill and plan to see it all soon. From what I HAVE seen, it’s pretty cool. Quentin Tarantino knows how to direct, I’ll tell you! I‘m not a fan of gratuitous blood shed however, so hopefully this won’t he the case (the first had quite a bit). Otherwise, I will definitely be seeing this.
Van Helsing (May 7): Based on a comic book (I think…), this looks like an incredible, visual feast for the eyes. Classic horror creatures such as Dracula and Frankenstein are all being hunted by Van Helsing, played by Hugh Jackman. His Wolverine is spot-on, so I’m counting on another impressive performance since this new character is somewhat similar.
Troy (May 14): The teaser trailer was absolutely amazing…because there’s so many, like…ships and stuff! This movie has potential to be an awesome war film. My only concern is that the scope is so wide that the individual characters may not get the attention they deserve, and instead be replaced with mindless battle scenes. But the cast is good, the effects look good…so the movie should be good.
Shrek 2 (May 21): Who hasn’t seen Shrek?……Good, then I don’t need to say why this movie will be great.

And that’s about it. If I left anything out that you feel shouldn’t have been, let me know (along with a good reason why it should be included). Be sure to check out http://www.apple.com/trailers to watch the trailers for the above movies yourself. I’ll make another entry with my choices for June-August in the near future.

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