Racial Jokes are Jokes, Not Racial (LIVEJOURNAL)

           What’s the dilly-o with racism these days? See, I believe that racial jokes are acceptable because they are just that: JOKES!! Here’s an example:
“I don’t hate black people, I just hate stupid people…. just so happens all the stupid people are black.”
               Now if a black person…I MEAN AFRICAN AMERICAN (sarcasm)… read/heard that, they would take offense. But doesn’t the Dave Chapelle show serve as a racist tool against white people? I’m white and I think its somewhat funny too (his humor just doesn’t hit me right, but not because of the issues he brings up. But the second any joke goes against black people its ALL OVER! The white man is now an acceptable comedic target, but black people are practically untouchable. Unless I’m mistaken, THIS is the kind of racism that should not be allowed. The only show I know of that targets every culture/race/ethnicity/sexuality is Family Guy. And that’s why I enjoy it so much… it isn’t biased, yet comically racist. Now if only the rest of the media could follow this example. I was talking to a black friend of mine and he laughed at a Hispanic joke I made, but then he saw where I was going and said that I better not make fun of African Americans. So blacks ARE open to all racist jokes, except the ones made about themselves. And this is why I sometimes don’t like a lot of black people. Now before you call me racist, reread that last sentence.
Read it!



                  Obviously I DON’T dislike black people because of their skin color, but there are quite a few that I dislike because they’re too “self-racial”…as the saying goes, black first and everything else second. Still there are others that talk in a language that I call “blackanese”. (And there’s nothing wrong with that label… people in China speak Chinese, right?). This is when a black person talks so fast and drops alot of letters in pronounciating. Example: “Fitty cent” instead of fifty-cents. Is it simply laziness or are you people (oh NO! I said “you people!”…guess I might as well join theKKK, right?) just incapable of proper English? Is it a secret black code (although I hope not, because the meaning ain’t a secret)?
                  To conclude this entry (which all tight-asses will surely call a “racist shpeel”), I feel that all races should be open season to jokes or none at all. And the truth is, racist jokes are really funny because they’re so cutting edge (aka risqué). So if I make a joke, please take it as such. And don’t assume I hate all black people…because I don’t. I just don’t like the ones who talk ghetto, those that rap and think they’re all that, and those who are loud and obnoxious because they think nobody will tell them to shut their yap for fear of looking racist. 
Ya dig?

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