So Ends Art Boot Camp… For Now, Anyway (LIVEJOURNAL)

  My Freshman Foundation art class is finally over! All that’s left is a 20 minute critique on Tuesday at 10:45am and I AM DONE. The workshop format this year has been somewhat easier than the 1st semester of general art. Although I did enjoy almost everything in the first semester (except the kiln brick carving ugh) even the dreaded paper bag project (I thought that was fun…just me?). The only thing I HATED was the print-making projects in the color class. If you get even got a drop of the oil paints on your hands, it’ll spread ALL over if you try and wash it off. And if you don’t wash it off, it gets all over anything you touch. This paint required vegetable oil to clean, and it was the sloppiest, most time-consuming task. The head sculpture was alright, but the chicken wire foundation was a pain because it was a brand new material for me (and most others I would imagine), and yet there will surely be no slack in the grading. Ah well, thats only 2 projects out of many. Just about anything involving a pencil and/or charcoal was great, and it didn’t feel like work at all…it was fun! Which it should be…if you’re studying what you love it BETTER be fun or there’s something wrong. But anyways, it’s now Friday and I’m looking forward to the next 11 days of the easy life (besides a philosophy and art history final). Cold Mountain is playing on campus tonight, so I figure its worth the $2 admission to see an Academy Award-winning movie, don’t you? Otherwise my big plans are for the weekend are to draw the very late Easter-themed Shower Boy comics and SLEEP!!!


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