Parents = Bullshit (LIVEJOURNAL)

This entry is basically an outlet for the crap that’s been going on at my house. I’ve been IMing people about my recent problems, and I don’t want to do that anymore. It’s a waste of time and only burdens other people. If anyone wants to know whats going on with me, this is where you’ll be directed.
               Upon returning from college, my mother had a problem with the computer. She couldn’t find the shortcut to Microsoft Word…it was missing from the desktop. I told her that I had moved the shortcuts that no one used into a folder. I opened this folder, and no Microsoft Word shortcut could be found, so I told her I didn’t know what happened to it. She quickly accused me of messing up the computer. Yeah, I know, it makes no sense. So I taught her how to get into Word through another route, and how to open a new document. It took me 5 difficult tries to explain this simple simple process. She then demanded I type up something for her stamping business, so I did. I then saved it to her business folder and she was like, “What are you doing?!”. So again I had to very simply explain (several times) that you can directly save in a folder. She thought you had to save a document to the desktop, then move it to the desired folder. After all this, she said I kept messing up the computer, and that it will effect her business. I typed up a document FOR her business, I TAUGHT her how to do things, and I PROVED I didn’t “mess up” the computer. To this day she insists that I deleted the Word shortcut and messed her up…she used this against me in arguments for several days.
             Because of this, I was not allowed to drive the van to the movies that night. An argument started because I couldn’t understand the lack of logic. All I did was help my mother with the computer and now I was being punished for it?! My dad said if I worked more I could buy my own car, and I said that wasn’t the issue. (Fact is, the van WAS available that night so there was no reason why I couldn’t drive it.) I told him it wasn’t fair to bring up a “coulda, woulda, shoulda” situation in this case. So he got up in my face and threatened loudly: “I’LL BREAK YOU!!!”. He’s threatened to hurt me plenty of times in the past, and I was sick of it. So I pointed at my face and said “Do it then! Right here! Go to jail if you want!”. If he was going to ever do it, he might as well get it over with. Then my mom yelled at me and said “What are you doing to us?!”, followed by my sister at the top of the stairs (who had heard the loud argument) and yelled “Stop it! Stop it!!”. It ended with my parents threatening to kick me out of the house. This was the fourth day home from college.
        Stupid and beyond petty isn’t it? And it only goes downhill from here:
        I quit my job at Price Chopper on the spot because I’ve been treated badly there for far to long. It was worth it because I have enough money in the bank for school for at least 2 years. (I plan to get a job asap, and have already applied at 5 places…so I’m not trying to be lazy.)
Why did I quit? Here’s just a few reason:
         I was supposed to be bagging for 7 hours on my first day back. After an hour or so, I was asked to cover someone’s break and push carts for 15 minutes. Not a problem. But when I went back inside I was told to stay outside. Keep in mind that it was 90 degrees with heavy humidity. So in the end, I had to push carts for 5+ hours. Pushing carts is NOT a big deal, but I wasn’t told ahead of time what I’d be doing. As a result, I ended up with sunburned arms, face, and badly burned neck. Also, the other guy on carts was and older gentleman who also had mental disabilities. He even said to me: “It good you helping me, Daif. I’m not too good with carts. I hit a car.” So Price Chopper hires retards to push carts?! And on a day like that, the guy could have easily gotten heat stroke (he was certainly over 50)! It just seemed all wrong and was thus a very bad first day back. As a sidenote, the company fired a 52 year old manager, who was nearing retirement, without giving an explanation. My mom’s friend has since begun a boycott against the company because she knew this man. Price Chopper may be a strong business financially, but the company is very bad otherwise. Also, I was bit by a dog in the parking lot while pushing carts. When I went inside, the supervisers saw the meat coming out of my finger and told me to go to customer service. Not that I should have to, but these are some of the reasons I quit this awful company. And no, I didn’t give a 2 week notice because I didn’t feel they deserved that courtesy.
          Anyways, my parents are really upset because they think I tossed good money away. In actuality, I gained back dignity from a job that just wasn’t worth what I was getting paid. My only mistake was not quitting sooner and then finding a new job sooner. I have only been out of work for 9 days, so I don’t see why my parents think I am “ruining my life”, as my mom so elegantly phrased it.
          This evening (5/23) my dad accused me of treating my mom and sister poorly. I said that I’ve actually been getting along really well with Danielle. He said “What?” (not sure where the confusion was…). Danielle told him simply: “We haven’t been fighting, he means.” So shortly afterwards, I caught my dad whispering to Danielle, telling her to keep her mouth shut if she wasn’t going to help the situation. Yes, I know this makes no sense. All she did was clarify what I said! In fact, no matter what the scenario my father (more often than not) will whisper or talk behind closed doors when scolding my sister. But with me it is ALWAYS delivered by yelling so the whole house is privy to his miniscule complaints.
          He said he’s offended that I quit my job. I let him know, for the billionth time (well, not that many…but I’d say at least the 42nd time) that he is not my employer and that how I handle my job is up to me. I understand completely that I SHOULD be working. Every parent should expect their child to work at a certain age. But I am 19, and I can quit any job that I am thoroughly disgusted with if I feel it necessary. I don’t have a family to provide for. My only reason to work is to have money to pay my part of the college costs and for personal spending. So until I don’t have enough to do that, I feel my parents should back off. I amseeking employment, I have called to follow up, and have also posted fliers advertising my unofficial painting business. Basically I’m in limbo…I can only wait for the phone to ring. But despite this, I am not allowed to drive the van until I’m employed. It is my parents’ van, so I understand that they have this right. No problem here. Except when I need to drive around to APPLY FOR A JOB!!! They still refused to let me drive, with the sole intention of applying for jobs around town. Let this mark proof of their irrationality.
         Next, I am also not allowed to see any friends, inside or outside the house until I’m employed. Because I’m just hanging around the house all day, this seemed like a ridiculous “rule”. So my friends stopped by and we went to a state park and hiked for two hours. Then they brought me home, and that was it. Naturally my parents were upset, called me immature, irresponsible, etc etc etc. Which is very funny because they tell me that I need to get out of the house more often AND that I shouldn’t lay around the house all day. So I went hiking, which is both healthy and productive. Now right now you may be thinking “That seems wrong of them…if you really have nothing to do you might as well be getting some fresh air!”. Or you may be thinking that “David is a very disobedient boy and I can see now why his mother is so dissappointed with him”. For those with the former opinion, know this: there is a difference between honoring ones parents and blind obedience, and if you don’t understand this, then you never will. There is such a thing as bad parenting.
         So this Thursday I’m supposed to go to Texas for my cousin’s graduation. I’ve been looking forward to this for months because I absolutely love planes and visiting family. Seriously, my extended family is pretty cool. Because of my unemployment however, my parents won’t let me go!! I need a job by this Tuesday or I can’t go!! This, ladies and gentlemen, is the Webster definition of bullshit. I’ve successfully finished my first year of college, I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, and I go to church. And yet I’m not going to Texas. I say this because there is no way I’ll get a job in two days, nor should I even have to! It’s all part of mother’s hope that I’ll leave the house, in my opinion. She’s said almost every day since I’ve been home that she wants me to leave. But if I do, my parents will stop paying tuition, so good-bye education. So basically I’m stuck in this hell of a house, with parents who lack an ounce of logic.

And I’m not even including the time I went out my second story window in a runaway attempt, which was brought on by my dad smacking me around. Which I told my mom about, but she “doesn’t remember that”. And yes, there’s more….. but I’ve already spent too much time. I think I’ve proven my point.

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