Note: I won’t be using names in this entry to protect the privacy of those I’m writing about. Although I’m sure some people will know who I’m speaking of, it’s not my place to put anyone on the spot.

                      Talk about striking out…I decided to take a second shot with this girl I’ve liked for 11 years, since my one attempt at college wasn’t a success. And as usual, no dice. I’ve only liked 2 girls in my life, and I flip-flop in my mind over which I prefer. Both are amazing, beautiful people in different ways…so how does one resolve this dilemma (I feel like Peter Parker trying to chose between Mary Jane and Gwen Stacy*). Ask out one, get turned down. Ask out the other. Get turned down. Then ask the first one AGAIN, get turned down once more.
                      Now taken by none other than my next roomate…which I’m not really too upset about. Well, at first I was. Before it was official. Big time. But the thing is, my roomate is really cool, and a really good friend. So how can I honestly be mad? If I can’t get the girl, at least she’s with someone I approve of (not that its my choice or anything, but my friend is a real good guy who she’ll be happy with without a doubt). Will it be hard to deal with sometimes…of course! Something would be wrong if I didn’t have trouble dealing with something like this. So how AM I supposed to deal with this?…
                      Well, my plan is to tuck my feelings for this girl in a mental box, and put it in storage. If she some day does take an interest in me, I can always take that box back out, right? So for the time being, I’m going to handle this rationally and fairly. I won’t deny that the dark side of me feels bitter, angry, and frustrated (hey, I’m being honest here). But in the long run my better half is winning, and I think things will be just fine come the next year of college.
…as long as I get a girlfriend. 😉
Gwen Stacy is the girl in the Spider-Man comics whom Peter Parker was actually engaged to marry, but was killed by the Green Goblin. Mary Jane consoled him over the loss, and eventually dated and married Peter herself. For Peter to chose between them would be nearly impossible if both were alive. And that my friends is how you explain an analogy in a footnote.

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