What is it with stupid people these days? Are they breeding faster then normal or has the world just become 90% retarded?
EXAMPLE ONE: I’ve been unemployed for a full five weeks, after applying at numerous stores around town. So then my friend says that he has a definite job for me. He works at a warehouse and loads trucks for a starting pay of $14 an hour! So I asked for an application and he said he’d get one for me by June 21st. Well turns out he went camping that week and took time off work. Okay, so he promised me something he knew he couldn’t do (assuming the trip wasn’t spontaneous, and I don’t know anyone who goes camping for a week out of the blue). I instant message and he says “What now??” as though I’ve been pestering him or something. He says he’ll have it next Monday (meaning today) for sure. So I gave him my number and he was supposed to call me to pick it up at his house. It’s now 9:10pm and no phone call. Basically a guy offers to get me an application, doesn’t, has the nerve to get upset that I’m being a problem (!?) and then stilldoesn’t get me the damn paper. He’s worked at this place for months…HOW HARD IS IT TO GET AN APPLICATION??
EXAMPLE TWO: I’m listening to a Spider-Man soundtrack on the DVD player. My sister sits down at the computer, and asks what CD it is. First off, the song had just said “Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does what ever a spider can…”. Second, the CD case is sitting right next to her. Yes, this is a minor annoyance. All I have to do is humor the unobservant moron and say “the Spider-Man soundtrack”. But the “moron” still remains. And I despise the unintelligible.
EXAMPLE THREE: My dad comes home expecting me to have that application (see Example #1), and gets upset that I don’t have it (which isn’t in my control). I’m watching a DVD in the living room and he comments that my “anxiousness to get a job is terrible”. Let’s backtrack. I’ve applied at over half a dozen decent stores and am waiting for that phone call for what should be shoe-in position. So its wrong of me to sit back and watch a DVD while I wait?! What the fuck do you want me to do?! What’s that? Oh, you mean there isn’t anything for me to do but your just pissed that you had to work for 12 hours lifting shit for pennies while I’m free as a bird? I’m not the one with a family to provide for, so tough shit.
EXAMPLE FOUR: I went to the bank to cash my tax return and deposit some money for my mom (we have a shared account). Well, I’ve been grounded from driving so I hadn’t driven a the car in…well, a while. So I forget my keys and lock myself out of the car by accident. Fortunately I’m less than a mile from home, so my sister bikes over to give me an extra key. Then she wants me to put my bike (she took mine apparently…) in the trunk so she can ride in the car. Okay, fine. But I still need to go to the post office, which takes a total of 10 minutes at best. She complains that she wants to go home first, which is a waste of time…I left the house to complete two errands, and I wasn’t going home till those were done. So we’re in the car, and I ask if she has any money for a Frosty at Wendy’s. She said no. So I asked if she wanted one anyway (implying I’d pay) and she bitches saying “No! Why would I — geez shut up!” etc etc. Typical sister bitchiness. So we’re at a light and she sees my Aunt’s car. So she gets out of the vehicle on the main road and has my aunt bring her home. My sister couldn’t last 10 minutes in a car, with the opportunity for a free Frosty besides, so instead inconveniences my aunt?? And no, she had nothing to hurry home for.
EXAMPLE FIVE: I almost finished one of my best Spider-Man drawings, and set it on the counter. My dads been home for over an hour and hasn’t said a word about it. And he set his work bag on the same counter, so I know he saw it. He just doesn’t want to compliment the “unemployed” son I’m assuming. And if that assumption is indeed correct, I have every right to be annoyed. 
EXAMPLE SIX: I’m getting my Shower Boy comics printed in a mini-comic at the local comic shop, and naturally I’m excited about the exposure. But my mom openly said she doesn’t care about the success at all. When I asked why, she said she doesn’t find my comic strips appealing. Unless I’m mistaken, she should be proud of the accomplishment because it’s AN ACCOMPLISHMENT, correct? Shouldn’t she be supportive of her son? I thought that was chapter one in the “Good Parenting” guidebook. So basically my mom is only proud of me when it involves something SHE likes. So if I starred in a movie where I was required to say the f-word, she wouldn’t give a shit? What the ef? 
EXAMPLE SEVEN: My parents were going to watch a movie together because my dad finally has some time off. But because the toiletalmost overflowed and I haven’t gotten that application, my mom is now “too stressed” to watch a movie. My parents have a free evening and they can’t watch a damn movie because of THAT?! Wait…okay, they just decided to watch it after all as I’m typing this. But dammit if that wasn’t ridiculous.
EXAMPLE EIGHT: My sister is staying at a friend’s house, and her friend (Kayla) recently got her license. She wants to go driving with my sister, naturally. But her friend’s mother calls our house to make sure its okay with my parents first. My mom says “If you think she’s capable and has enough experience, then it should be alright. But I’ll discuss it with my husband when he gets home.” So the “husband” gets home half an hour later, and declares “no”. So my mom calls back and says no. But wait…didn’t my mom say it was alright, as long as Kayla’s mom was okay with it? Okay, just making sure. So my mom more or less said yes, but that was just another instance of giving false hope. Yeah, I guess my dad is too scared that his wittle dawter might get hoyt. Boo-hoo, grow some balls and let the girl go for a drive! She’s got a damn cell phone to call if there’s a problem anyway after all. My dad wouldn’t even let my sister walk home from school because he feared she’d get rape (and beleive me, if you’ve seen her you know there’s no chance of that happening). Typical irrational parenting.
EXAMPLE NINE: My parents’ computer had been having numerous pop-up ads, so I asked my mom if she’s been running the Ad-Aware program I installed. She ran it, and it turns out there were over 60 spy ware files. Which means nobody has run the program for at least a few weeks. A month ago their computer said “fatal error” and I managed to totally restore their hard drive with all files/emails intact in five hours. I told them: “Run ad-aware a few times a week and check for Windows Update once a week to insure this computer never gets this bad again”. Apparently they’d rather let $600 go down the drain rather than follow my simple advice.
EXAMPLE TEN: My parents just started that movie I mentioned, and my dad had to ask how to use the DVD player. I told him to hit play, and he said he had. So I went down and he hadn’t even put it in DVD mode (all it takes is a single button that says line-in, not complicated). He won that DVD player in a contest, which has 5 DVD drives, and is overall a top-of-the-line machine. And he doesn’t know how to turn it on. I understand that most parents today didn’t grow up with computers or fancy electronics, but at the very least KNOW HOW TO OPERATE the BASIC functions of the things you own! We’ve had this player for almost half a year and he never knew how to watch a DVD.

I could go on, but it would take forever. Plus all the above is from the past two days alone. Perhaps I’m being easily annoyed and all these things are minor and should therefore be ignored. Or maybe they are legitimate annoyances. Who can really say, right? All I know is that I’m not a happy camper right now, and I haven’t even touched on how I feel about the Bush administration. Which I won’t, because volcanoes are much more violent when they erupt. Lets leave it at minor tremors, shall we?

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