Parody CD for Sale Soon (LIVEJOURNAL)

                      I’ve been working on a CD of song parodies. Basically I download a theme song (mostly cartoon themes) and interject my own lyrics and/or change them to create a cutting edge comedy. For example, I’ve turned the Gummi Bears theme song into being about the Catholic priest scandel. Ghostbusters is now about desparate sex addicts. Rubber Ducky has Ernie and Richard Simmons having a naughty time in the tub. And so on and so forth. Here’s the songs I’ve abused so far:

Kiss De Girl and Part of Their World (Little Mermaid), Pokemon, Scooby-Doo, Rubber Ducky (Sesame Street), Talespin, Winnie the Pooh, Animaniacs, Ducktales, Ghostbusters, Goof Troop, Flintstones, You Got a Friend In Me (Toy Story), and Gummi Bears.

                      14 songs so far, totaling about 25 minutes in length. I hope to make the CD at least 40 minutes, but it takes a bit of time to chop up a song and add bits and pieces to the mix (an average of 1-2 hours based on the song length, not to mention coming up with the ideas!). It’s important that I don’t rush it, otherwise it won’t turn out as funny. Thus far all of them are amazing, some more than others. I almost caused a friend to crash his car from laughing so hard, so let that serve as proof!
                     I’ll eventually be selling burned copies in simple CD-R jewel cases. On the front I’ll be making an original cover, plus a track list on the back. I may even provide lyrics as a bonus. If you’re interested in purchasing, please let me know. Granted the CD is far from complete, but I would like to start gauging the level of interest at this point. If you IM me (my screen name is ComicsGn) I’d be more than happy to send a free song  sample as well.
                    Odds are the CD will be completed by the end of July at the earliest or sometime in mid-August. If there are any changes to this timetable, I’ll let you know.
                    I’m still thinking about what to charge…it IS a quality piece of comedy that is impossible not to laugh at even after the 20th time hearing it. And believe me…I MADE it and I’m STILL laughing. Here are the prices I’m tentatively going for:
  • $10 for the CD (plus $1.50 for shipping based on location)
  • $15 for the CD + cover, track list, and lyrics (shipping included) 
Perhaps that’s a smidgen high or maybe even too low…I’m open to your opinion.
If you’re interested in purchasing the CD or have questions/comments you can e-mail me Thanks!   

10/25/04 Made a new parody out of “Belle’s Song” from Beauty and the Beast. Also made a new version of C is for Cookie and changed it to…that’s right, C is for Cunt. 😉 Also working on Under the Sea, yet another Little Mermaid song.


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