Racism Revisited: What is a Racist? Am I a Racist? (LIVEJOURNAL)

Here’s a recent away message I had up on AIM. I’ve been making song parodies, taking theme songs and turning them into something comical and cutting edge. One of them was Pokemon, which I warped into being about African slaves instead of little creatures. The song sounds quite funny (IM me anytime if you want to hear it). Anyways, I put up some of the verses in an away message, along with the response from a fellow AIMer. Here it is below: 

ComicsGn: To catch them is my real task, to WHIP them is my cause…I will travel across the land, searching far and wide…each NEGRO to EXPLOIT the power thats inside….NIGGERMON!
Sagz21: nice nice haha..shit..thats good
A friend of mine from college saw this, and sent the following:

: there’s a point where good taste goes out the window and it’s not just offensive, it’s racist
trazo5: just thought i’d put in my 2 cents

                Well this got me thinking. Everyone knows (I hope) that I don’t have disdain for any particular racial group (if not, see the April 13th entry about racist jokes), yet someone I know still found me to be a racist. Race is certainly one of the most controversial issues, 2nd only to religion, in my opinion. To start off, here is the actual definition of “racist”. For each I will defend my position: 
  1. [n]  a person with a prejudiced belief that one race is superior to others
  2. [adj]  discriminatory especially on the basis of race or religion
  3. [adj]  based on racial intolerance; “racist remarks”
  1.)  I do not believe any race is superior. Except in terms of wealth and education, etc. Fact of the matter is, certain races, such as African Americans, are far less wealthy compared to whites. And a large percentage of the prison population is black…and one can only assume that the incarcerated aren’t very smart, right? But as far as black being better than white? No, I don’t believe this to be true. If I make a joke saying otherwise, it’s just that. A joke. That means my intention is to derive laughter, nothing more nothing less.
2.)  Well I wouldn’t say I was discriminatory. I was going to target A race, and which one seems the most applicable? Asians weren’t slaves in American, after all. If I chose blacks to make jokes about in my lyrics BECAUSE they were black, then yes. I was discriminatory. But I didn’t. I planned to make a humorous song parody about a race, and I’m sorry but negroes (oh no, call me a southener for being politically incorrect!) are the most logical choice. If you want, I can make songs making fun of the Irish, Asians, Hispanics, and much much more! That way I wouldn’t be discriminating, right? Oh wait, you don’t want additional poor taste? Then be happy I stuck with only one race. And be glad its funny to boot!
3.) This one involves racial remarks, eh? Well, yes. The lyrics are filled with racial remarks. But that isn’t the issue. The question is “Am I a Racist?”. Shorthand answer: “no, I am not”. Long hand answer: “Re-read the shorthand answer five times.” Now you might say “it says your comment was racist, not YOU”. You are what you eat, you are what you say (but ONLY when you’re serious). And that’s my point of view.
So that covers the definition portion. But what about the issue about the material becoming offensive? I had a black friend (the racist has a black friend?!) read it and he wasn’t offended. And yet a white person was, which I find amusing. But admittedly everyone is free to say what they think, to share their opinions, to use their constitutional rights. But y’know what? Unless someone is telling YOU a racist joke, and you don’t like it, there’s no point in complaining. At all. I didn’t send that message to trazo, he clicked on my screen name and chose to read my away message. It’s just like television: if you don’t like a certain show, don’t watch it.  
To wrap this up, I ain’t racist. And I see a difference between being racist and making a racist joke. Or you could even make a distinction between racist joke and racism altogether. Racism is when you persecute a group based on their race, verbally or physically. Jokes are meant to do just the opposite: they make people laugh. Since when is that a bad thing? It’s also the context in which words are used. I could write nigger right now, and is anyone offended? If so, it IS just a word. Now if I was writing this to a black person and said “You’re a nigger!”, that would be wrong. But I haven’t specifically addressed any black man through my lyrics in a demeaning way. I mention slaves, whipping them, and “Catching Them All”, but frankly its done in a shock-value/humorous way.
For further explanation, PLEASE read the April 13th entry. It specifies my feelings about the black folks of the world, including why I do dislike some of them. I thought that entry got my point across, but apparently another was needede. And again, I welcome criticism. I don’t take offense in the least.  


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