Catholicism Flawed (LIVEJOURNAL)

         Got home from my grandparents camp in the Adirondacks. And since it’s the weekend, naturally I was forced to go to church by my parents. Within moments of sitting down some older high-pitched guy comes over to us and says “Would you like to bring up the gifts for us?”. For those who don’t know, the “gifts” are the wine, bread, and 2 baskets of donated food or something. My dad said “Sure we will, not a problem”. It was great that he answered for all of us, isn’t it. Feh! I said to him: “I assume they only need 3 people today because I’m not doing it.” So when it came time to bring up the gifts, I let my parents/sister out of the pew, and as my dad passed me he said through clenched-teeth: “Come with us!” and I simply sat back down. And naturally that drew a few judgmental Catholic cow eyes.
             As you can see, I have some problems with the Church. Why do I doubt what I’ve been raised to believe? I feel a list comin’ on…
1) The Bible is old. Real old. And it has been translated so many frickin’ times before it was in English. In Christ’s language (arameic I believe?), the word “sin” meant not living to ones potential. So how the hell does it now relate to evil?? So assuming the original Bible was in fact true, Christ actually wanted artistic people to become artists. A musician should strive to be the next Beethoven. You see what I mean? And if the meaning of sin has been twisted, just imagine what the rest of the Bible must be like. Even if the Bible is correct and accurate, its current translation is wrong and unreliable. That’s not a theory, that’s a fact. Now that’s not to say I don’t agree with some of the moral principles in the Bible. I’m just saying it isn’t a strong enough foundation to build a religion upon.
2) The Scandel. Yes, I’m well aware that only a certain number of priests are actually rapists/molesters. Overall there are far more good priests then bad priests. But the fact that high up Church officials covered the whole thing off by paying the victims (with money collected from church goers no less) is nothing more than… unthinkable. Basically it’s gotten to the point where “priest” and “rapist” go hand-in-hand. And if you can’t trust the leaders of a religion (with justified reason), how can one possibly believe the religious babble they profess? Or better yet, who can CARE what they say? A former priest from my chuch was found guilty, and surely some of the other priests in the congregation knew about it. So what am I supposed to think? A rotten apple can spoil the whole bunch, and the cliche holds true in this case. Oh sure there’s a few that I can call good apples… but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a worm somewhere.
3) The Body and Blood of Christ. There’s bread and wine, a priest says some holy stuff over it, and suddenly it’s the body and blood of Jesus Christ? I just can’t believe that fact that a person can literally consume the (supposed) creator of the universe. If anything, I believe the bread/wine could symbolize the physical Christ. That at least is understandable. But the major Catholic belief is that it IS Jesus… and if I don’t buy that it’s pretty much impossible to call oneself a Catholic.
               So what DO I believe? At this time, I think there is in fact a God. Who/what he/she is I do not know. There is proof that a man named Jesus was crucified on a cross, and records that say he allowed it to happen. Anyone willing to die for the world deserves some praise right? Maybe he was God’s son, maybe he was just crazy, but either way he sacrificed his LIFE for the rest of the world. But is he God? I really don’t know. I just think that everything had to have come from somewhere, and whatever created everything is “God”. It makes more sense that something made the world than the world simply being there. In my mind anyway. But this doesn’t put me under any specific organized religion does it? That’s fine with me. I think everyone should just strive to be a “good person”, which every true religion agrees upon (I say “true” because satanism isn’t a religion, it’s more of a cult). That’s the common thread in the religious world, so it’s the safest bet. And if there is a Heaven, and you’ve been a good person, you should get in without a problem. And if there isn’t?… at least you had a life that people will remember fondly.
Going back to the Bible’s reliability, check out the paradox’s below. I found them on a website, and you can flip through any Bible to verify these things:

Biblical Conundrums

1.) “God is love.” 1 John 4:8.
2.) “Love is not jealous.” 1 Cor 13:4
3.) “I, the Lord thy God, am a jealous God.” Exodus 20:5.
4.) The Christian god cannot logically exist.
Comments: You see, this is the problem, God cannot be jealous. Be he is. Yahweh cannot possibly exist if he has both the attributes of love and jealousy.)
1.) God’s flesh was known as Jesus.
2.) Jesus, God’s Flesh, died at the cross.
2.) Flesh & Blood cannot enter into Heaven per (1 Cor. 15:50-56)
3.) Jesus was Flesh.
4.) Jesus no longer exists.
(Many at this point will state that the spirit lives on so therefore Jesus lives. This really depends on what you believe about Jesus. Is Jesus the son of God or God in flesh? If Jesus is merely the son there is no problem. However, if Jesus “is” God himself, we do. You see, Jesus is called Jesus because of the attribute of Flesh. If Jesus = God (who is spirit) then the entity known as Jesus ceases to exist. The flesh/body of Jesus, no longer exists and the spirit of God is still the unchanging spirit of God. No Jesus at that point. The Flesh, called Jesus, is dead.

1.) God is good all of the time.
2.) Everything that God creates is good. Amen?
3.) God created evil according to Isaiah 45:7. (look it up)
4.) Evil is good.

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