Employment (LIVEJOURNAL)

            I still remain without a job, and my mother and I had a little “chat” about this. She thinks I’m simply lazy and have no ambition to work. In actuality, I’m willing to work as long as the job is enriching or, at the very least, semi-enjoyable. Does this sound like too much to ask? I know some of you think “you’re still in college, so you can’t be picky about where you work”. You go ahead and enjoy your fast food jobs then. I don’t mind packaging products, stocking shelves, delivering pizzas, etc. What I do mind is bagging groceries for a bunch of jerks.
            While bagging a customer asked me to get a certain pack of cigarettes. I bring what they want and they say, “no no no I want the big pack”. Okay, so they changed their mind…so I bring the big pack and they say its the wrong brand. Then I look again and the one they want is sold out. So then they make a scoffing sound (ex/ Feh, forget it!) as though I’m the one responsible. Sometimes I’ll bag a $350 order and the cash registar breaks down. So I have to unbag, then rebag all the groceries. Then the customer realizes he left his wallet at home.
            Or lets say I’m pushing carts. This one guy walks all the way down the parking lot to put his cart back, but stops 40 feet before the row of carts. He decides to shove the cart, in the hopes that it will roll up and hit the building and stay in place. But it rolls back. So he shoves it again. It rolls back. Then he says “hey, help a guy out” and shoves it at me instead of walking a measily 40 feet, if even that. Or try pushing carts for 8 hours in a snowstorm. Yeah, good luck. THE WHEELS DON’T WORK! And best of all, the customer’s leave the carts scattered in the snowy parking lot. Did you know that cart jockey’s (thats the correct term) are meant to move the carts out of the cart corral and push them to the front of the store? That’s it! We aren’t meant to zig zag across the lot picking up the slack for you lazy people. You make a simple process that much harder and it sucks. Which brings me to my point: CUSTOMERS SUCK.
               Oh sure, there’s a few decent people out there, but overall their obnoxious, plain stupid, or lazy. Supervisers bug us workers enough as it is, and then we have to deal with YOU people on top of it? You are the ones that make service jobs hell. Thanks a million. To those select few good customers, a sincere thanks a million… you made it possible to get through those 8 hour bagging shifts.
                     Too often people sell out and take whatever job they can get, because people always think JOB = MONEY = HAPPINESS. Well I’m here to tell you that money shouldn’t even be part of the equation. If your only motive for workin is money, then you should quit. Unless you have major bills to pay or are in debt, quit. It’s so wrong for people to simply whore themselves to society’s standards, or should I say LACK OF. A friend of mine is a very talented musician, the best from my high school. And what’s he doing this summer? He picks up those bags of grass you put at the end of your driveway and rides on the back of a stinkin’ truck. Why oh why can’t employers recognize talent?! Someone good at music should have a job that is at least in some small way music-related. This makes sense right? Now I know you’re thinking “well somebody’s gotta do the shit jobs”. Well, yes. Someone does. But those jobs are best suited for those who, to be blunt, lack talent or education. It’s a harsh reality, I know. But some people got it and some people don’t. That’s life. 
              I don’t mean to brag or anything, but I’m pretty talented at art in general, quite good at writing, as well as voice-acting. I know a good deal about computers as well. So basically I want a job that, in some way, relates or enriches one of my talents/abilities. And if that can’t happen, I want, at the very least, a job that is semi-bareable. And until I find one of these things, why should I work? Thanks to a few odd jobs and a tax return check, I’ve been able to get through the summer without eating into my savings. I expect to break even by summer’s end. I only need $500-1000 per year for college of my own money, and I will still have over $2000 in the bank. I have no car payments, no cell phone bills, no nothin’. I’m in no hurry to work fast food and make $7 an hour. No thanks.  
               Both my parents began to bitch at me once again about me not having a job. But this time I learned something new…their reason for the constant pestering. My dad said “If you admit and regret the way you went about quitting your job [without a new one lined up] it wouldn’t be so bad.” So he wants me to admit to quitting a job that made me miserable and having an enjoyable summer? What the hell is he smokin’?? I don’t regret leaving a place I hated, and I don’t regret enjoying the summer. I understand that this is NOT a good way to go about every summer, being jobless and all. But next year I have not one but two jobs lined up. Except one of them is through my mom, and she said she might not recommend me now because of the “way I’m acting”. Which means my mom will continue to also bitch about me not having a job, but won’t get me one thats a sure thing?!
               Those that have rational minds surely understand where I’m coming from in all this. So I’m going to close by addressing all the ones who don’t. I KNOW THAT HAVING A JOB IS IMPORTANT! But I have circumstances that exist outside this general principle. I don’t NEED money right now, and I have RESPECT for MYSELF. If there were a job that fit me I would apply right away, and work 40-60hrs a week. Okay? Get it? I wrote that last bit because my parents tell lots of people about what a failure their son is. I just want those people to know that I do in fact have a work ethic and I’m not some lazy bum.
Psshh, I’m off to draw some comic strips…

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