What Have I Lost So Far Without a Job… Here’s the Breakdown (LIVEJOURNAL)

I’ve been writing alot about my parents and their bitterness over my unemployment. But just how much money have I lost by NOT working at Price Chopper? The results are quite interesting:
Let’s see…I quit my job on May 15. Let’s allow 2 weeks of “job search” time. It’s reasonable to spend 14 days looking for a job, right? So already we’re down to 2 months of no income: June and July. Here are activities that I would have taken time off of work for if I had continued workin’:
  • Trip to Texas for cousin’s graduation: 5 days
  • Adirondacks to visit relatives: 10 days
  • PA for my cousin’s wedding: 3 days
  • Lake George camping trip: 4 days
  • Spider-Man 2 premiere: 1 day

That’s a total of 21 days off of work, exactly 3 weeks. Between June and July, after having those days off, I COULD have worked for a total of about 9 weeks (and I actually rounded up, so don’t accuse me of cheating to make myself look good). Price Chopper schedules me for an average of 25 hours a week…the most they ever gave me was 36 hours, and that only happened once. Getting 30+ is considered a rarity, which is why I chose 25 as a fair average. So if ya add all that up, I could have made $1,050 BEFORE taxes. Plus I surely would have spent $200 on comics, DVDs, video games, etc all together. So after taxes and personal indulgences, I would have a grand total of about $650 (and that’s being generous). 
To conclude I would have, up to this point of my summer, $650 banked towards college for bagging, pushing carts, and being a janitor. It seems to me that it’s a minor sacrifice for regaining dignity, is it not? And if you’re the type that says “a jobs a job” or “money’s money”, even you must admit that isn’t a whole lot of money.
Since my parents advertised to friends, family, and neighbors that I’m an “unemployed bum”, I have gotten a few odd jobs here and there. $50 from neighbors, $75 for a shirt design, and some misc cash. Plus a sweet tax return of $250. Perhaps it’s a little unfair to do this, but subtract the “misc job total” of $375 from the money I lost from not working. That brings the “lost money” total to $275. Which would only cover the extra charge of living in a campus suite ($200) and money to buy a book or two.
Unless I’ve miscalculated somewhere, I think any comments such as “you wasted your summer”, “you threw away money” or “you have no ambition to work” can shut it right about now. Because I’ve been yelled at or scolded for almost 3 months, and for what? $275?! And I still haven’t sold stuff on eBay yet! I’m likely going to break even, so who the hell cares? I TRIED to find a job (not any job, a decent job) and have applied at over a dozen places AND I even followed up and called. Plus my “friend”…okay I’ll say his name so someone will kill ’em in his sleep, Eric Weinhold…said that there was a definite job at his workplace and he’d get me an application within a week. Then two weeks. Then three…eventually he drove me to the place and I took care of things myself. But only after wasting almost a month to apply for a “definite job”. Which was two weeks ago, and no phone call.
I only wrote this because I scribbled the calculations on scrap paper and was amazed at how little I’ve supposedly “lost”. But I gained so much…an overall excellent summer, (not to mention) dignity, I’ve had time to make plenty of Shower Boy comics, I got to catch more movies than than the norm, I’ve taken drives to the Adirondacks to climb a mountain…there’s more but I don’t want to bore you any further.
You get the idea.   

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