Friends… Naturally Stupid or Intentionally Foolish? (LIVEJOURNAL)

Sigh. What is it with friends sometimes, eh? One decided to make a needless problem early on in the summer (see the entry somewhere below), but that has since been resolved (in the good way). So of course ANOTHER problem has arisen, and as always I find it helpful to write it all down.  
As always, I don’t like to give out names with those I’m having problems with. It’s not fair to toss names out and attract unfair, negative attention to them. So this time, I’ll call the person in question “Ted”.
Ted decided to come over to my house one morning, IMing/calling/banging the door to wake me up. So eventually I do awaken, and go to the door and he says “We’re going to see Alien Vs, Predator, right now.” Apparently his previous plans were cancelled and he didn’t want to waste the day off of work. Then he decides to just walk right in uninvited. Naturally I let that slide, as I usually do with minor annoyances. Or perhaps I was simply not quite awake yet. Either way, he starts begging me to go to this movie (to the point of offering to pay), and I really didn’t want to. Based on the previews it looked mindless, and the reviews were awful ( collects reviews and gives them an overall % out of 100; AvP got a pitiful 14%). Plus I had….yeah, JUST WOKEN UP! But he decided to just stay in my house until I gave in. Once again, I didn’t get upset. Eventually I told him to come back in 2 hours so I could have time to wake up, eat breakfast, and get ready for the day. Still he refused to leave. So we just kinda hung out for a good hour plus, watching the interviews on my Reservoir Dogs DVD and stuff. Finally he left, and unhappily I might add. The fact is I AGREED to go and see a crap movie AFTER I was ready to leave the house. And since I have low tolerance for truly awful movies, this was a major compromise on my part. Especially since he had already pissed me off.
But before all this: My family had gotten 3 return tickets to The Great Escape for $10 each. Since my parents and sister weren’t that desparate to go again, they agreed to let me use the tickets to go with friends. Ted was one of the friends who wanted to go the most, and another was more or less convinced, so we were set. Ted even told me which day he wanted to go, how he looked forward to the water rides, etc. It was a done deal. And it had to be, because the one day my whole family could go had passed. So it was friends and I, or 3 wasted tickets. But because of the problem with Ted, he has just decided that he WON’T go to the Great Escape after all. Which sucks because most likely he was going to be the driver. And even if he wasn’t, it’s good to go with 3 or more people to a theme park anyways. So now I’m rather pissed. There’s still time for the situation to change, but as of now I’ve got 3 tickets that my parents wasted their money on because I convinced them to let me use ’em. Which doesn’t make me look good, makes Ted look like an ass, and just plain screws things up. It especially bothers me for a few other reasons, too.

1) Ted had agreed to go with another friend on a camping trip. So “other friend” reserved a cabin and everything…then Ted backed out. Ted had to switch his work schedule around because he needed time to sign up for college (which should have happened in May/June, not 2 friggin weeks before classes start!). So because Ted didn’t think ahead in the least, “other friend” was left dissappointed and a few dollars poorer (I believe he had already paid some of the rental fee…either way it sucks). 
2) Last summer I had an opportunity to bring friends to the Great Escape as well. But because of either lack of interest or poor communication, none ended up going. Which was a big deal because it was just before I was going away to college and I wanted to do something fun before I left.
3) The day Ted wanted to go to Great Escape…was a school day for him!!! All along he couldn’t go, but he decided to make me think he could. He claims he was going to skip school that day. But based on how he handles things I doubt he even knew his own school schedule at the time.
4) I’m sure he’s going to read this and say things like “I drove you to the comic store” or “I waste gas money on you all the time”, etc. Which makes me mad because no matter what you’ve done for someone, it does NOT give you the right to screw someone else over. There’s just no way to justify that kind of stupidity.  
So yeah I’m pissed, and generally fed up with “Ted”. And until he decides to rectify this mess (which I hope he does because overall he IS a good friend) I’m going to stay that way.

Once again, I’m open to other viewpoints. Was I wrong? Should I have handled things better? Is Ted being an ass?? All comments/suggestion are welcome.


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