It’s about time I updated this thingy, especially since I’ve got something GOOD to write about for a change. Comic book geeky boy (me) has managed to get a girlfriend at last! Her name be Kym, and she be awesome. I knew she had some interest in me at the beginning of the school year, but at the time I wasn’t interested enough to say anything. Then again, I had only known her for a few weeks. Eventually I decided that I was going to ask her out before the end of October. Went over to her suite to watch a Family Guy DVD, and low and behold she made the first move! I’m still amazed because of my past luck with girls was…not good. Kym’s my first girlfriend in fact, let’s put it that way. Usually I turn some people off with my “wacky antics” but she instead was drawn to them like a moth to the flame. Except she didn’t get burned and she isn’t a moth…okay, bad analogy but you know what I mean. We’ve been seeing each other since Sept 26, so we’re already nearing a month…time flies, that’s for sure. Met her family (more or less) and overall I’d say I’ve got the stamp of approval.
Kym Stats: 5’1″, brownish hair (tho interested in dying red), thin, lots of fun, fellow art student and BEAUTIFUL to boot!

Me and Kym

Note the Batman shirt! 

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