Why Does Everything Related to Home Have to Suck? (LIVEJOURNAL)

(Kellen, the ranting does not apply to you. Just so y’know.) 
          My friends (Chris, Dwight, and Kellen) from home came to Alfred to spend the weekend last night. We went to see Anchorman, I gave them a brief tour of campus, they met my campus friends, etc. My girlfriend Kym hung out with us during the whole evening. She spent the night in my room, and my friends slept in the common room of the suite. They didn’t go to bed till at least 3am. Yet they got up at 7:30am and just sat around waiting for me to get up. Being that it’s a weekend, of course I slept in. Plus the dining hall didn’t open till 11am anyways. So what did they do? They decided to just leave without saying goodbye or anything 10 minutes before 11. Because they were hungry.
            Dwight later told me on the phone that I was spending more time with Kym than them…which is complete and utter bullshit. I was SLEEPING until 10:30, nothing more than that. After brunch I was going to spend the entire day Saturday and Sunday with my friends, but apparently that isn’t enough. I had even told Dwight on the phone over a week ago that Kym would be around for some of the time, but that I’d make sure the weekend was chiefly spent with them, not her. And Dwight even said not to worry about, but obviously ANY time with Kym around is a problem for them. I just don’t get it.
            Dwight further complained that they were all “cold on the floor” in the common room. I had TOLD him to bring sleeping bags or whatever to sleep in and he didn’t. Then he said the window was open and it was cold. Well SHUT the fuckin’ window then!! I even made a point of mentioning that the suite had a thermostat in the common room so if they got cold/warm it could be adjusted. Also, I bought them all drinks at Little Alf and afterwards they said they were starving. I pointed out that Little Alf had pizza, wraps, smoothies, burgers…it was ALL there guys, and you ALL had the money to buy food.
             If you really must leave so soon, at least say goodbye in the future. Don’t just walk out like that. I appreciate that you took the time to drive here but you frankly came off as selfish and unfair when you left (you left because you couldn’t wait 30 more minutes for the dining hall to open and I slept in?!). Kym really thought you were all pretty cool, as did everyone, but that’s been taken away. Whether this matters or not doesn’t matter. You were the best Rotterdam had to offer and that reallty doesn’t say much thanks to your actions.

And now a side note to each:
ChrisI’ve come to expect this kind of stunt from you, so I wasn’t too shocked. I offered you all the food I had in the pantry when you were hungry, I bought you a drink before the movie, and even gave you my only key to the suite so you could go outside and smoke. There’s only so much to do here at Alfred, and I don’t know what else I could have done. So while I wasn’t surprised, I was offended because I did all I could to make things comfortable.
DwightI did NOT expect this from you at all. I’m sorry you think I value Kym over your friendship, but I don’t. I didn’t make out with her or anything, I simply slept late. It’s really sad that you couldn’t handle this. I know you have problems at home right now, but I am NOT your parents or employer…I’m your friend and I don’t expect to be treated like your enemy. I was going to call Alfred State and arrange a tour for you, but apparently you couldn’t even stay for the sake of your education (State DOES offer one of the top electrical engineering programs in the northeast). It was an opportunity and you wasted it.
Chris and DwightI’m hoping you both understand where I’m coming from and why I’m legitimately upset. Everyone here was really confused as to why you left. I told them you were my best friends from home and you definitely lowered the bar. You know my home is a sore spot for me, and you guys (and Kellen) are the ones that make Rotterdam worth going back to. I feel I’ve lost most of that now. Feel free to call and apologize so we can get back on good terms. Let’s DISCUSS this for a change. I’m not a mind reader.
KellenIf anything I want to apologize to YOU. I could tell meeting alot of new people was a bit awkward for you but you handled it well. And thank you for saying goodbye when Chris/Dwight made you leave…both Kym and I appreciated it. I hope you didn’t get a bad impression of Alfred because of all this and that you’ll still visit in the future. Thanks for coming and being the most mature. We should hang out at some point over Thanksgiving break if you’re home.

And to any Alfred friends that are reading this, thank you ALL for everything. You’ve always been supportive and friendly with me…it’s nice not to have to deal with this type of crap at college. Keep it up ;).

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