My Response… To Dwight’s Response (LIVEJOURNAL)

this is a response to a message from Dwight… his message:

From Dwight

Let me start off by saying Dave that you are completely wrong. I know that you never think you’re wrong and are incapable of any error but, news flash, no one is perfect especially you. You knew we were coming up to see you and you couldn’t wake up early for one day (just one) to make time for your old friends? We did go to bed late but we couldn’t close the doors until Kym’s roomate and her friend left (who were both very nice by the way)until around 3 am. Atleast your girlfriend said goonight to us, you just sat there and left. Kym was extremely kind to us, she talked with us and made us feel like coming here wasn’t such a bad thing. We didn’t appreciate you going back to sleep when Chris woke you and said we were hungry (I’m sorry if we didn’t feast upon your pantry supply of Cheez-Its and cookies). Yes we could of bought food at Little Al’s, but I had to spend $42.00 on gas to get to and from your school. Plus your swipe card allows you to get food for free and even a cheap guy like yourself can see why I didn’t want to spend the $6 I had left on food. You also failed to mention in your entry that you PROMISED me you’d call State and make an interview for me on Sat. something I thanked you for in advance and had looked forward to. You see you didn’t do this because it didn’t affect you, this wasn’t something you did for yourself so naturally you didn’t care about it, nor did you apologize for it. But thats just you Dave, never thanking, never apologizing never considering that you have any fault in anything. I respected the fact that you have a girlfriend and want to spend time with her, I didn’t mind you hanging out with her and us when we arrived. 4 hours was a long drive there and 4 hours waiting in your common room for you to awaken was long too- can you comprehend that we were sick of waiting? You treated your old friends like they were nothing, obviously we meant nothing to you- its clear where your true priorities lie, a choice I hope you’ve thoght about because its a costly one- due to your actions (totally unprevoked) you have now lost 2 of your once closest friends. Way to go pal thanks for everything (I’m sorry to Killian and Kym for not saying goodbye). Its obvious you don’t think you’ve done any wrong here, so then 100% fault is my fault- I actually wanted to see you Dave, I liked to believe you were the same kid I became friends with all those years ago…I was wrong, goodbye.

You responded quick, and I shared it with several people here at Alfred. All of them are just as confused as I am, but here are my reactions to the various issues you addressed:

1) I didn’t go back to sleep when Chris woke me. Unlike some people who can jump right out of bed, I was doing what’s called “stirring”. You guys left VERY shortly after Chris woke me anyway. I would have been up to eat for the 11am breakfast which I told Chris. You essentially left minutes before I would have been up. It appears you have impatient stomachs.
2) If you think the food is free with my swipe card, you are wrong. It’s PREPAID out of my own pocket. If the food were free you can bet I’d get you all something to eat. I have to last with that card until the end of the semester and I’m on a lower plan from last year because it was too expensive before. I can get one meal a week from Little Alf, that’s it. I gave up almost 2 weeks worth just to get you guys  drinks. That’s how tight the money is for those who attend Universities. Maybe you’ll find that out for yourself.
3) Yes, I didn’t mention that I promised you a tour of State. The school has people on hand all the time to provide tours, so it would have taken a quick phone call to set one up. After lunch I’d have made that call and we would have gone over for the tour. I made a promise and I intended to follow through with it. But wait…you left…so it didn’t happen. YOU’RE fault.
4) You told me that you’d be leaving home at 3pm Friday, so I expected you to arrive by 7pm. So I left my roomates b-day party to wait from 6:30-7:30. I stood outside waiting and trying to call you for an hour. Then when “the group” went to Anchorman @ 8, I stayed behind to wait even more. If I didn’t care about you guys I wouldn’t have done this now would I? On top of that, my campus friends had changed the date of the Six Flags trip to this past weekend. I told them I couldn’t go because MY FRIENDS WERE VISITING. So don’t say I don’t fucking care.
5) It’s fair to note that I spent ZERO time ALONE with Kym while you guys were here, aside from when we were sleeping. I tried to spend 99% of my time around you guys because I DO appreciate the long drive you made (as I said in the entry).
6) Why on earth did you guys just sit on your asses for 4 hours before you even knocked on my door? OF COURSE you were bored, but OF COURSE you didn’t do anything about it (aka knocked on my door a wee bit earlier perhaps?). I covered this in my entry so I won’t spend more time on it.
7) Stop this priority bullshit. Kym is valuable to me as a girlfriend, you guys are equally valuable as friends. Different but equal. I did not in any way spend more time with her than you guys. What more could I have done??
8) Sorry I went to bed without saying “goodnight”. Jesus! Chris is the one that completely left ALL of us to play Halo and smoke outside. Kellen was on the verge of passing out on the couch when I left the room. You too were looking tired, and I did announce that I was going to bed. Did you want me to tuck you in or something? God damn are you actually upset that I did’t say “Goodnight Dwight”?!

             Finally, I don’t understand how I was “different” then I’ve ever been. Kym is my first girlfriend and it was my first time having to balance out my time with her and friends. I thought I did a DAMN good job, giving you all much more time. As I told you on the phone, she was leaving us after lunch on Sat. That means just us guys would have hung out for 10 hrs+ on Saturday, plus Sunday. No Kym at all. I think the real problem here is that you’re only looking at the VERY short time you bothered to stay. If you stayed the whole weekend, you would have realized how much attention I was devoting to you all in appreciation for visiting. But you left! And don’t you dare think that I didn’t care…when you all left I threw clothes on and ran to the parking lot. I was too late obviously. When I got back I kept trying to figure out what I did wrong. Kym and I concluded that there was little if anything that I could have done to make things better. She was upset because she wanted to get to know you all better, and we were all very confused by the sudden departure. So yes, I do blame you and Chris for the problem. But I hate to see our friendship end because I “slept in” and you were “hungry”. Stop dramatizing and replay what happened. Hopefully you’ll realize how overblown you’ve made this by Christmas break. I really don’t want to lose you and Chris over such a dramatized triviality.
One more thing: did you notice that Kellen isn’t upset? That he wasn’t impatient? That he didn’t bitch about wanting food? That he didn’t CHOOSE to rudely leave without saying goodbye? Did you notice these things?? If I was such a horrible host as you make me out to be, why didn’t Kellen react the same as you and Chris? It’s because he knew how to handle himself and be a proper guest.

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