the path I’ve chosen, take it or leave it (LIVEJOURNAL)

Bible Contradiction of the Day:
EXO 15:3 The LORD is a man of war: the LORD is his name.
ROM 15:33 Now the God of peace be with you all. Amen.
That’s an obvious contradiction (and I know plenty others) that can’t be excused as being out of context. If you can’t trust the whole book, you can’t be sure of any of it. Believe what you want, but going to church is not a necessity for everyone. Strive to be a good person… what more could God (whoever or whatever he is) ask for anyways?
The above is basically my current take on religion at this time. Needless to say, my very Catholic family isn’t too keen on my lack of weekly worship. Do I believe Jesus is the Son of God? He could be. Do I believe in Heaven and Hell? They could exist. Is there any accuracy in the Bible? Some. I don’t see the need to devote an hour a week to something I don’t fully believe to be…well, believable. Is this really so bad?
It’s interesting to note that many Catholics go to mass simply to prove that they really are good people. This doesn’t apply to every church-goer, perhaps not even the vast majority, but these people aren’t pressured into attending mass. No one tells them that they’ll “go to Hell”. But I, being what I’d consider to be quite moral, am told that I’m “sinning” or “not doing God’s will” because I’m no longer a church-goer.
My mom told me that I should go to Church to hear God’s Word, and that I need that in my life. I’ve gone to mass for almost 2 decades, and has it done anything for me in all this time? Not really. Since I’ve stopped going to mass this past year, I’ve found myself to be a bit more social and more open to those I’d previously disregarded as “bad people”. I stopped being friends with someone I met in 9th grade because he started to swear more often and picked up a smoking habit. Senior year I found myself being very good friends with him again. Why? Because I realized that smoking/swearing doesn’t make someone a bad person. It’s what a person does to/for other people that matters. Catholics focus on too many miniscule “sins” that they fail to recognize the grand scheme of things. Example: if a friend says his car broke down and I say “Aw, shit! Fuckin’ weather…I can drive you to work if ya want.” An over-religious person would say “you really shouldn’t swear” rather than recognizing that I’m helping “my fellow man” and acknowledging that I’m doing a good deed.  
I don’t feel the need to further justify my decision not to attend weekly mass (I do plan to go for Christmas and Easter since Jesus does deserve praise for his actions, whether he’s truly the Son of God or not). I just hope more people, especially my nuclear and extended family, come to realize my reasons and to respect them. I am not trying to go down some road to hell, I’m not converting to satanism… I’m still a good person. Let my actions, not my faith, be proof of this. 

April 20 2005, 10:10:24 UTC

i completely agree

although i do believe that Jesus is my savior–because of personal experience and things that have happened in my life– i really don’t understand or sometimes even believe that certain things in the bible can be true..or happened how it says they did. I feel like there is too much pressure on labels and titles for religious sects. for example, i say i’m a ‘christian’, but that is just to give someone a general idea of my believes. but because christianity is so related to obsessed, sometimes scary-religious devotion and hatred for anything secular, ppl automatically assume that i am that way also. Yet, if i just said to someone “i believe Jesus is my savior,” none of that other baggage comes with it. so why do people, instead of asking ‘what beliefs do you carry?’ say “what sect (or denomenation)are you?” that bothers me.

i guess i have issues with being ‘labelled’ a christian, because i don’t fully understand or believe the bible, or believe that people “have” to go to church or “have” to do anything. but i can honestly say that i strive to be what the bible describes Jesus as being. not that i am striving to be anyone’s savior, i’m trying to follow His amazing actions and way of life. so, yes i totally agree that it’s more important how people live their life, than whether or not they did what was politically expected to do (like go to church every week). i think that is the main reason that i stopped being a catholic.
dave, i can honestly say that i think you’re an awesome person. God doesnt expect you to go to church or any of that. i’m sure he would much rather have you striving to be a good person ya know?

BAM. there.

April 20 2005, 15:08:46 UTC

Re: i completely agree

thanks for the comments. its nice to have people confirm my way of thinking. my family makes such non-Catholic thoughts seem wrong, but knowing that plenty of other people share my viewpoint on religion makes it alot easier. 🙂


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