Today I went to lunch and Kym set her coat on a chair, I set mine next to it. She realized that the next seat closer to our group was available, so she moved her coat there. I put her book bag there for her as well. Turns out it wasn’t her bag, and whoevers it was took her seat. So she had to sit at the far end of the table, but still within our group of friends. She was really quiet during the meal, then suddenly walked out. I caught up with her and she said she was pissed about where she had to sit, saying it was my fault. Her cat died the other day, so it’s expected that she’s a bit sensitive. But that doesn’t give her a right to snap at me, especially when I was the one who literally wiped away her tears and consoled her when she found out about her cat’s passing.
Then in photo, the two developing tanks in my group were missing. Naturally I was accused of losing both and I should pay the $40 to replace them. I admitted to having lost one, which I agreed to pay for, but I didn’t recall misplacing the other. Oftentimes we leave our cubbies unlocked while we’re in the studio, so it’s perfectly feasible that someone stole the other one. But my “friends” would rather trust strangers than myself, or at least that’s the way it seems.
Anyways, I’m just a little pissed off from a day of getting shit thrown at me. Needlessly.

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