That’s it, I gotta stop buying DVD’s. This summer alone I’ve already spent just over $200 on the movies below. Granted most of them are excellent, but still. At least I got ’em all for $10 or under (unless noted otherwise). I’m still on the lookout for Fight Club, Memento, Goodfellas, and all the Pixar movies…
The Untouchables/Donnie Darko: These were part of a 2 for $15 deal at Best Buy. Easily worth the price for Darko alone which has since become one of my all-time favorite movies. Philosophically thought-provoking films are exceedingly rare these days, after all. Untouchables was very good too, but not a favorite by any means.
Ice Age: This movie managed to make me laugh and cry (don’t you even comment), all while marveling at yet another finely done CGI movie. Widescreen, 2-disc set for $10 was hard to resist.
Donnie Brasco: I rarely buy movies without having seen them for obvious reasons. But I was on a DVD spree and saw the names Pacino and Depp attached to this gangster film. Top-notch acting and a great true story for $10.
The Pianist: I had seen the first half of this movie while visiting relatives in Texas and it was a really good war film. $10.
Manchurian Candidate: One of my favorite films of 2005, this movie kicked ass on so many levels. Amazing acting, most notably Meryl Streep, in the best political thriller I’ve ever seen.
Monty Python and the Holy Grail: A special edition DVD filled with bonus features, not to mention being a comedy great. Dropping $10 on this was far too easy.
One Hour Photo/Insomnia: Two dark roles for Robin Williams, and also two of his best. I haven’t seen Insomnia yet actually (still shipping from Amazon), but I’m sold on “evil Williams”, plus it’s got Pacino.
The Godfather: Long considered one of the best American films of all time, I just had to buy this.
The Usual Suspects: Directed by Singer (X-Men anyone?) and starring Kevin Spacey, who won his first academy award for this movie. Plus it’s the newly released special edition and all that jazz.
Anchorman: No, it isn’t a “great movie”, but it’s one of the funniest. I’m a Will Ferrel fan, so this one’s a given.
Fargo: A friend of mine recommended this, and he is EXTREMELY particular about movies (ex/ he hated Lord of the Rings). It was quite good…although I watched it real late one evening. Likely going to rewatch it soon.
Mystery Men: Like Anchorman, it’s not a good movie but it’s funny. I’m a comic fan and this movie manages to parody and worship the comic genre at the same time. It was $6.99, so it was worth it.
Back to the Future Trilogy: The first movie is excellent, one of the best of the 80’s. The two sequels were good, but not fantastic. I bought this whole boxset, widescreen, for only $19.99 on Amazon. Retail is $60 so I’m more than pleased.
Who Framed Roger Rabbit?: I was once told in 5th grade that I WAS a cartoon. I’ve always been pretty “animated” and I do indeed love cartoons…so it seems wrong that I’ve never seen this movie!! Amazon had it for $12.50, so I skipped the rental route and bought it.
Philadelphia: Tom Hanks won Best Actor for this one, and since I’m a fan of his I couldn’t pass it up. It’s a court room drama, and with fellow actor Denzel Washington along for the ride, it’s sure to be entertaining.
Sling Blade: Billy Bob Thorton earned my respect for hisdisrespectful role in Bad Santa, the ultimate anti-Christmas movie. He wrote, directed, and starred in Sling Blade, plus his screenplay got an Oscar. Another movie I’ve never seen but figured was worth getting for $10.
Shaun of the Dead: I don’t even need to explain this one. It rocks, end of story. $10!
Ghost World: A refreshing comic book film that didn’t involve superheros. More along the veins of American Splendor, it captures real life in a most amusing way. An underappreciated, kickass movie! 

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