Anyone that knows me is aware that I am occassionally judgmental, or at the very least extremely opinionated. I want to make it clear, that despite this, I am open-minded. I’m willing to hear other viewpoints and if they are equally logical/rational, I’ll add it to my own repetoire of beliefs. Below I am going to address many moral issues that I’ll discuss quickly and simply, straight to the point. 

Note: this entry is not yet complete, and will be added to soon. (last updated 7/30/05) 

         Attending mass, worshiping at home, sacrificing a goat, what have you. Anyone and everyone is welcome to believe what they wish as long as they a) don’t push their views on others and b) don’t harm others in their quest for “justice” (muslim extremists, I’m lookin’ at you here). However, there should always be a balance between church and state within each individual. If you’re so religious that you condemn a movie because it uses the word “fuck” or has nudity, you’re belief system is severely monopolizing your view on life.
For example: My parents attempted to watch American Beauty, an excellent film. They stopped watching it within the first five minutes because Kevin Spacey wacks off in the shower (note that there is no nudity in this scene). I’m not saying that everyone has to love American Beauty, but to dislike any movie on grounds such as these is ignorant. This movie addresses many issues: homosexuality, broken marriages, closed-mindedness, mid-life crisis, drug use, and in the end, life itself as a whole. This movie holds up a mirror to American society and reflects the raw truth. While such morality may not always stem from religion, it does stem from morals which, to one degree or another, are influenced by religious beliefs.
Conclusion: It’s fine if religion is an important part of your life, as long is it remains a part and doesn’t govern your entire existence.

Tough subject, I know. But here’s my belief: abortion, more often than not, is wrong. People that have unprotected sex and then think that an abortion is the proper quick-fix to keep their life on track are foolish. To be more specific, they’re simply irresponsible. If the mother’s life is in jeopardy or a girl is raped and becomes prenant, then it becomes another matter entirely. In such extreme situations, abortion should remain a readily legal practice. What sickens me are those that abuse the law by getting drunk, having one night stands and run off to get an abortion a couple weeks later.
Conclusion: If you’re not ready to have a child, don’t take the risk. If you take that chance, face the consequences. Be smart. Is that really so much to ask?

          When is it appropriate? Conservatives say “wait for marriage”, liberals say “act like the rabbits do”. I say that there isn’t a specific time, but a specific feeling. When you feel that you truly love another human being, and he/she feels the same and is consenting, sex is a perfectly acceptable form of affection. I would, however, put an age limit on this rule. Kids in high school should not engage in such behavior if only because they are too young to run the risk of pregnancy. Not to mention the fact that after highschool, most couples separate when they go off to college. Having a long term relationship with someone from high school is very rare, so why take that chance? I’m not discouraging dating, I simply think a physical relationship prior to college isn’t the most rational choice. Then again, some grow up and mature faster than others so there are some rare exceptions.
Conclusion: Have sex for love, not lust, but wait until after high school despite the urges. College is where you truly discover who you are, and that is the time to start “exploring”, but cautiously. And for godsakes use protection.

          Are you a Republican or a Democrat? If you answer that question, you’re already misguided. No one should be devoted to any one group. Doing so makes you oblivious to other political views. It’s also vital not to judge a political figure based on one decision/act they commit. Some people think Bill Clinton was a crap president because he had an affair, yet those same people praise Bush. Clinton was a decent president who was a less than decent person, so don’t let the personal life be the deciding factor when judging a presidency. As for Bush, I generally dislike him and his whole administration. While many governments lie, this group has destroyed American lives based on a lie. And yet, Bush has done some good things as president despite his overall failure.
Conclusion: Every faction brings positive and negative aspects to the table, so try to taste a little bit of everything. Take what’s good, toss the rest in the garbage.
          I’ve occassionally used racial slurs in jokes, but I’m far from a racist. Oh sure, the Mexican accent gets on my nerves. Arabs and their “Ay-yi-yi-yi” sound makes me want to smack ’em. Blacks that say “fitty cent” and “yo man” every three seconds are infuriating. But y’know what? Everyone feels racist compulsions, including myself. Whether or not you act upon them is what makes you a racist or biggot. I myself despise those that are irrational more than anything. Color and ethnicity have nothing to do with that.
Conclusion: It’s okay to dislike a culture, but only for their actions, not race or color. I dislike all rappers, and it just so happens that most are black. But that doesn’t mean I hate all African Americans.  
Ah, booze. Like anything else, alcohol is an appropriate substance if used in moderation. I’m not saying it’s wrong to get drunk, however. In the event that you enjoy drinking until you’re far more than “a little buzzed”, just make sure not to do so too often. Obviously we do stupid things when we’re drunk, and sometimes it can be a major risk. If you plan to drink, hide the keys and pace yourself. I myself have gotten drunk a good dozen times or so this past year, and I’ve yet to have any real problems. I threw up a couple times, even fell a couple times. But no real injuries resulted and I’m feeling just fine. But then again, I’m in college, so keep that in mind. Those that are in high school: it’s okay to drink. But do so very rarely and/or drink very little. Your body is still developing and too much booze will certainly affect your growth in one way or another. Plus if you drink at a young age the chances of becoming an alcoholic increase. And if the cops catch you you’re in for a world of hurt. I’m being a little hypocritical here since I’m not 21 yet, but I make a point to be careful.
Conclusion: If you’re 16 or so, it’s old enough to have a drink here and there. If you’re 18, you might as well be 21. Have a good time and be cautious. If you start to develop a problem, admit to it and deal with it immediately.

How should you judge a movie? Everyone may have different tastes, but a certain thing called quality is universal. Pulp Fiction is a good example of a movie that is inarguably excellent, and a perfect example of a high quality film. Some people may not like the crude language or the violence, but that isn’t enough of a reason to pan a movie. I have difficulty watching scenes that involve needles, and yet I watched Trainspotting. Even though I felt sick and uncomfortable at times, I will not deny that the movie is extremely well done. But I certainly don’t plan to buy it. You see what I mean? Then there’s movies that absolutely suck, I don’t care who you are. The latest ultimate failure would be Stealth, a movie that takes pretty people and shows pretty explosions…and that’s about it. It stands out as one of the many pieces of trash in the movie industry. In fact, I’d say that 50% of all movies are complete shit (ex/ Stealth, XXX: State of the Union, Dumb and Dumberer), 30% are decent (ex/ The Negotiator, Harry Potter) 15% are pretty good (ex/ The Usual Suspects, Gladiator, Fargo), and the last 5% are exceptional (ex/ American Beauty, Fight Club, Pulp Fiction). I often go to to check out reviews before I see a movie. No one critic is always right, but this site collects every single review and assigns an overall grade. I don’t suggest using this site all the time because it’s sometimes nice to be surprised, but it is worth checking out if you’re feeling indecisive.
Conclusion: Be selective. Don’t keep paying $9 a flick to support Hollywood’s lack of quality entertainment. Be selective and see the truly great movies that are worth your time and money. Let’s force Hollywood to make good movies or to go out of business. Don’t just see any solely because they are highly rated either, but be aware of public/professional opinions. Sometimes they’re actually right.

President Bush wanted to attack this country the day after September 11th. Many White House aids have confimed this. But obviously there had to be a real reason behind such a move. Case in point: Weapons of Mass Destruction, a perfectly valid excuse to take out Saddam. Except…there were no such weapons. Not one. So was it really a justified war? Not really. Consider the fact that North Korea DOES have nuclear weapons and has made it clear that it wants the United States destroyed. But we’re not attacking them, are we? That’s all you really need to know to realize that things don’t add up. It’s that simple. The CIA/FBI itself has confirmed that, even if Iraq had the supposed weapons, it would’ve taken 10 years for them to amount to any kind of real threat. Our President is leading us down a very, very bad path. He knows it too, and makes a point to try and throw us off with his inability to answer direct questions. Example:

REPORTER: Mr. President, we were told that you planned to sharpen your focus on Iraq. Why did this become necessary? And given the recent surge in violence, do you agree with Vice President Dick Cheney’s assessment that the insurgency is in its last throes? 

DUBYA: Adam, I think about Iraq every day — every single day — because I understand we have troops in harm’s way… [seconds later] And so, you know, I think about this every day — every single day — and will continue thinking about it, because I understand we’ve got kids in harm’s way.

See what I mean? (For many more examples, go to… he really is a stupid man.)

Conclusion: President Bush declared an unnecessary war, using 9-11 as a crutch to fall back upon. We’re stuck there for now, but we should be giving the Iraqis a timetable to wrap things up. Then get the hell out and hope Bush doesn’t fuck things up again.

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