I’ve since spent a good $100 more since my last DVD entry, so I’ll comment on ’em once again:
Ghostbusters 1&2 Boxset: I’m a big Bill Murray fan, and Ghostbusters reigns as one of THE movies to own from the 80’s. The newly released boxset was only $12.99!
12 Monkeys: I saw this sci-fi thriller for the first time on campus this past year, and it was truly one of those movies that can be endlessly discussed…and enjoyed. $7.50
Schindler’s List: Said to be one of Speilberg’s best, it was hard not to pay $10 for the new widescreen edition. $10
Monty Python- Meaning of Life: A 2-disc dvd collection of the best moments from the genius of Monty Python. I’ve only seen some of it, and it was hilarious…then again I was a bit drunk. $10
American Psycho: Christian Bale’s best film, and one of my all-time favorites. It’s the darkest, funniest most under-rated satire ever made. This is one of those movies that some people will hate or love. I’m obviously part of the latter. $10. 
Manchurian Candidate: I bought the remake and figured I should check out the original source material. This 1962 black and white film caused quite an uproar in the world of politics when it was released, and has since been considered the best political thriller, not to mention an Academy Award winner. Angela Lansbury and Frank Sinatra, $10.
The Exorcist: I saw most of this before, but the video/audio were slightly out of synch. This dvd is the only extended version available and somehow was only $7.50. Thank you, Circuit City.
i heart huckabees: I’ll admit it was an impulse buy. I saw it once months ago, and I recall it having great acting and a bizarre philosophical undertone that’s difficult to understand. A film that’s actually a little too intelligent, it’s far better than if it were too dumbed down. A movie that has more layers with each viewing. $10.
Dumb and Dumber: The classic Jim Carrey comedy, buying this was just a matter of time. $10.
Scarface: Al Pacino’s violent gangster movie from ’83, remastered on a fancy new DVD for…$10?!
Ray: It won plenty of Academy Awards, and was easily one of the best movies of 2004. Somehow I managed to find this for $10 as well.
And that about wraps it up. Hopefully Best Buy and Circuit City will cease their excellent sales and give my wallet a breather!

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