FOLLOW-UP TO: FRIENDS… Naturally Stupid or Intentionally Foolish? (LIVEJOURNAL)

Well, I got some feedback from a certain “Cindy” (remember I don’t use real names here) and her conclusions were fascinatingly retarded. Okay, okay, that’s not politically correct. But I stand by it… retarded. Here’s the snipets from my little convo with her.

TheSolitarySiren: You’re both wrong
TheSolitarySiren: I listened to both sides of the story
TheSolitarySiren: both are lame
TheSolitarySiren: and underdeveloped 
TheSolitarySiren: you both were acting immature
TheSolitarySiren: You were just being lazy and immature about it
TheSolitarySiren: and Chris was being too pushy
TheSolitarySiren: therefore you’re both wrong
TheSolitarySiren: why can’t you be the big boy and just admit you were being a jackass and so was he?

If you reread the journal entry below, I think you’ll see just how much bullshit she’s full of. #1, she didn’t even explain why she thinks I was immature, lazy, wrong, or a jackass. Those that have often read my livejournal KNOW that I’m pretty meticulous about including all the details for whatever topic I’m writing about. I do this because I want to be as objective as possible rather than lay out some exaggerated tale. If I AM wrong, I WANT to know HOW and WHY I was wrong. That is why I bother posting the conflicts I have. I just didn’t expect anyone to actually blame me, even if only partially, for “Ted’s” f*ck-up. 
       Since “Cindy” didn’t back-up any of her accusations, I’ll make a few assumptions. She likely called me lazy because “Ted” came to bring me to a movie around noon and I had just gotten out of bed. But if that’s the only basis for her comment, I see zero merit. I typically went to bed at 3-5am, so I think I’m entitled to sleep til noon. Not that I even need justification, I can sleep as late as I want! If Chris made plans to see a movie and CALLED ahead of time the day before, and I STILL slept in, then yes. That’s lazy AND inconsiderate. But he didn’t.
       The jackass and immature comments are just plain baseless. I was willing to talk to “Ted” even though I didn’t receive the apology I wanted (and is it really so hard to DO that??). I went to Hess (where he works) and what did he do? He hid behind the counter from me. Another friend of mine came over to my house to say goodbye before I went back to college, and Chris was with him….but refused to leave the car. He was too “angry” that I didn’t see his “amazing” Alien vs. Predator movie. Awww. He also called another friend who I was with and asked “Is the traitor there?”. I think it’s obvious that HE, if anyone, was being the immature jackass.
And because I’ve proven all her accusations wrong, I can also erase her accusation that I was “wrong” in general.
“Cindy”, I invite you to counter any of this, if you can do so, WITH specifics. If not, I’ll assume you learned how to be rational. Congratulations.

Any one else?  

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