Domestic Dispute (LIVEJOURNAL)

The day before I returned to campus I had a domestic incident occur. Rather than write an essay about what happened, I’ve pasted a conversation that pretty much covers it.
Evakian: What was that email from your mom about?
ComicsGn: she called tonight and revealed that she and my dad haven’t been calling me because they want an apology
Evakian: for what?
ComicsGn: because i 1) got mad at my dad for, y’know, beating me, and 2) that i got mad again when my dad accused Dwight’s parents of providing me the beer he found in my closet…which they didn’t
ComicsGn: apparantly getting mad with a good reason isn’t a good reason at all
ComicsGn: should i be sorry for calling my dad a prick when he earned it?
Evakian: BEATING YOU???
ComicsGn: ah yes, you didn’t hear
ComicsGn: the night before i came back to Alfred he tackled me to the ground and slammed my head against a corner of a box of some kind… anyways i got a bump on my head, his fingernail broke the skin, and i had a small inch long cut on the side of my temple
Evakian: why??
ComicsGn: because he thought i was going to attack my mom… when she wasn’t even in the room…
ComicsGn: truth is he compared me to his dead mother, and i told him not to make shitty comparisons like that. then he walked toward me like he wanted me dead and i stood my ground.
ComicsGn: i never struck him, it was all one sided
Evakian: i see
Evakian: hmm, well they aren’t exactly going to be the most reasonable people, and you seem to be acting out a little with the drinking…give a few days and give a half assed apology just to iron things out
ComicsGn: they don’t know much about the drinking tho
ComicsGn: their in the dark on that
Evakian: hah
Evakian: yea, my parents and i aren’t doing to well at the moment either
ComicsGn: mine said i can’t go home
Evakian: whoa…
ComicsGn: although im sure they will because they don’t want the family asking questions
ComicsGn: they wouldn’t want their flaws known
ComicsGn: my Aunt Mary knows everything, and she asked my mom if she wanted to move out if she felt unsafe with my dad
ComicsGn: then my mom told her “oh, we’re fine. dave was just protecting me from david and held him down.”
Evakian: hah
ComicsGn: and it’s like “holding me down?! i have cuts and a goose egg on my head!!”
Evakian: sheesh
Evakian: she likes to villainize you
ComicsGn: big time. yet its funny how my dad is getting counseling when all he did was “restrain” me….
Needless to say, tension in my immediate family is running rather high. Any advice/comments/opinions are welcome.

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October 18 2005, 21:35:57 UTC


All i want is not to lose my brother….


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