Parent Update – More Bullshit (LIVEJOURNAL)

 I had a lengthy conversation on the phone with both my parents, and both continue to more/less be fuckers. One example: My dad brought up the incident from 3 years ago in which some asshole pedestrians accused me of trying to hit them. They had quickly jumped in their car and drove beside me, screaming and giving me the finger. Well frankly I did nothing wrong, but they went ahead and called the cops, who then called my house. When I told my parents what happened they believed the a stranger over myself. I don’t know why my dad brought that shit up, but he did. Fortunately I was able to use that as a way to explain why I don’t feel I can share certain things with him or my mom. They’re far too quick to condemn me, and it’s obvious that they don’t trust me in the least.
            I had a few beers in my closet this summer and my dad asked where I got them. Then he got pissed when I wouldn’t say whom. Well I knew full well that he’d call up my friend’s parents and start shit, even though I was the one who chose to buy and drink the stuff. How do I know this? Because I can’t trust him not to be an asshole. And anyone that actually knows the man knows he sticks his head in where it doesn’t belong because he thinks he knows what’s right and he’s a fuckin’ giant…he assumes he can intimidate anyone into seeing things his way. 
Here’s a brief email I sent them after our little chat since my phone again died out:

RE: You are someone we don’t know anymore, your values and morals are not something we are proud of. Quite honestly, we are disappointed in the direction you have taken in your life.

This is why I am currently unable to respect or love either of you. Condemnation like the above statement make this impossible. I would be very willing to meet with a family therapist as a group, because I feel an objective third party is necessary. You guys don’t understand a word I say and I think you make no sense…that’s a stalemate. We need someone to resolve this other then ourselves. If you truly care, I’d think you’d want to take this productive step. – David

Then my dad wrote back:

David… G’ma called to wish mom a happy birthday this morning and said you had called, but your minutes were virtually gone. Don’t know how they got burned so quick, but we’ll add on after we get home on Sunday.We’ve gone the family therapy route before. Mom even got lip there. This is not an option. I’ve got mine now and it’s enough, thank you. Your call ended the other night with mom saying you didn’t regret the barrage of previous swearing in front of her. This is the kind of attitude we can’t “listen to” anymore. A friend of mine at work has had it rough, but he still works hard to set his kids up for a future. He told his son recently, “a boy does what he wants to do. A man does what he has to do.”


I responded:

“Your call ended the other night with mom saying you didn’t regret the barrage of previous swearing in front of her.” I told mom that I would curse in response to being attacked if you were to harm me again. As is to be expected, she twisted this. “We’ve gone the family therapy route before. This is not an option.” Wrong again. You brought me to see some unprofessional dick who called me an asshole. It was also only three little sessions, and I was mainly brought there because “I was the problem”. The family has never sat down together with a therapist. But if you don’t want to bother trying this, then evidently you don’t care.   “a boy does what he wants to do. A man does what he has to do.” How sweet and utterly cliche. According to that I’m being more of a man in needing this family fixed by supporting the idea of group therapy. But since you don’t want to, I guess that makes you the boy. I wonder then what better, productive solution you have in mind? Then again, you’d probably would have come up with one by now. Hm… so that leaves 2 options: therapy or quitting. Nice to know my father is a quitter. Thanks for another inaccurate email. – David

Obviously I’m getting beyond tired of these fuckheads. I’m a good kid with assholes for parents. What am I supposed to do? Pretend to care about them when they treat me like shit? Go to church solely to appease them? It seems so wrong that I’m making all the efforts to fix things after they’re the ones who need to help me heal over the whole, you know, the whole being beat by Dad ordeal. All they’ve done is slowly cut off communication with me, and are seriously considering kicking me out of the house (which also means no tuition help). I’m all open to therapy so everyone can have their voices heard and a third party can mediate and help us figure this shit out. But my parents, who claim to love me, can’t be bothered. This alone proves that they are in fact in the wrong. Fuck ’em.

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