DVD Frenzy Continues… (LIVEJOURNAL)

The DVD frenzy has continued… so far I’v gotten the following new movies this Fall semester.
Wag The Dog: Great political satire about the media featuring Robert Di Nero and Dustin Hoffman. I watched this back in highschool for a class and couldn’t resist buying it for a measly $8. 
The Aviator: Another Scorcese masterpiece. This movie focuses on Howard Hughes, who suffers from OCD. Since I too have the illness, I’m rather biased towards this film.
Dark City: I read about it online, supposedly one of the best sci-fi movies. For $6 it was worth the risk.
Angels in America: About $20 on eBay, this was worth every cent. The movie is 6 hours long with an amazing cast, most notably Meryl Streep and Al Pacino (whose been one of my favorite actors since finally seeing Scarface).
Fight Club/Man On Fire: Got these in a 2-pack for only $18 at Walmart. I’ve wanted to own Fight Club for awhile now, and Man on Fire was good enough to make it worth getting the set.
The Fifth Element: Kinda regret buying this one. It’s an entertaining mess of sciene fiction with Bruce Willis. It’s good, but I’m not sure if it was worth the $10.
Glengary Glen Ross: Kevin Spacy and Al Pacino, two of my favorites, in the same frickin movie was enough of a sell for me. But too in Alec Baldwi, Ed Harris, Alan Arkin, and extremely positive reviews and there you have it. I haven’t watched it yet but I already think it’ll be one of my favorites. About $10 on Amazon for the 10th Anniversary set! 
Goodfellas: Considered by some critics to be the best American film EVER. After finally watching I’d have to disagree, but it was undeniably incredible and worth owning. Won this 2-disc set on eBay for $13.
Everybody Loves Raymond (Season 1-2): Two, 5-disc boxsets of one of the funniest sitcoms ever made for only $40. For me, this purchase was a no-brainer. 
Man on The Moon: Only $5 at Walmart. It’s got Jim Carrey in an Oscar-nominated role so I couldn’t pass it up.
Ducktales (ep 1-27): One of my childhood favorites, this cartoon still kicks ass! Less then a $1 per episode!
Rescue Rangers (ep 1-27): Same as above. Planning to watch these and Ducktales drunk with friends… should be amazing nostalgic fun.

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