Car Accident… (LIVEJOURNAL)

I drove out to Kym’s in Rochester for New Year’s and came back today. My parents had allowed me to drive their van (4-cylinder weakling). I told them, before I had left, that the brakes are crap in snow and it would make more sense if I took the blue car (6-cylinder impala). My mom said she needed it to drive to work.
  1. My mom works at Bradt School, which is a massive three blocks from our house. She couldn’t drive the van that measly distance for a few days?
  2. You’d think my parents would care more about my safety more than their personal car preference. I had to drive 3 hours versus my mom’s 3 blocks, y’know?
        Ironically enough, I did in fact get in an accident on the way back this morning. I was driving quite slow actually and must have hit some black ice or something. I lost control of the van and wound up in the other lane, and smashed the side into the guardrail. I gunned the gas in the opposite direction during the slide so it could have been much worse (not to mention the oncoming traffic). I eventually made it back into the right lane in one piece. My parents are both at work right now, but I’m sure they’ll make a fuss when they see the van (never mind my safety) even though the damage is surprisingly minor.
       I fuckin told them the van was risky, and that it would be safer in the car. They not only jeapordized their van, but my life. I warned them and strongly objected their decision using every logical/rational means of debate and they remained stubborn know-it-alls. No, they couldn’t have predicted the weather conditions. But they should have known, as I did, that it’s January and that means there’s always a risk of snow. Neither of them have much in the way of a college education, but you’d think they’d have an ounce of intelligence in their skulls. Bullshit moves like these make me question if they really are as dumb as they sometimes appear to be… 

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