DVD Collection Grows… (LIVEJOURNAL)

I’m finally getting the compulsive need to buy DVD’s under control, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t picked up a few new winners. This covers all the ones I’ve gotten since Thanksgiving. A good chunk of them were gifts and some were bought with Christmas money, so don’t be scared. I only spent about $25 (not including gift money).
CRASH: Fantastic drama that increases racism awareness and entertains at the same time. Every single person gives an outstanding performance in what is surely one of the most important films in years. (Christmas Gift)
BATMAN BEGINS: After disappointing and mediocre comic films like Elektra and Fantastic Four, it was excellent to see the Batman character given the treatment it deserves. Blows the old Batman movies away, althought I do still like the very first Tim Burton one with Nichelson as the Joker. This 2-disc set came with a really nice comic book as a bonus. (Christmas Gift) 
LEWIS BLACK: BLACK ON BROADWAY: Lewis Black’s ingenious guest appearances on the Daily Show are always a blast, and the man’s sense of humor is spot on. The disc lacks any special features, but I managed to find it for $7 when it’s normally priced at $20. Solid hour of brilliant comedy. (Amazon)
IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE: Everyone has seen, or should have seen, this classic Christmas movie. (Christmas Gift)
CHICKEN RUN: After watching the Wallace and Gromit shorts as well as the film, I’ve gained a greater appreciation for claymation. It’s incredible time-consuming to produce, so to have such a smart plot is a bonus on an already artistic masterpiece. (Christmas Gift)
BOONDOCK SAINTS: I’ve never seen it, but those that have tell me it’s good. It also says that fans of Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs and/or Pulp Fiction will love it, so I figured it was worth the measly $5. (Circuit City)
SUPERMAN THE MOVIE: Largely considered the first truly realized comic book film, special edition…$5! (Circuit City)
HELLBOY: Not the best comic film, but very unique and entertaining. The character of Hellboy is fantastic, and paying $10 for the 2-disc set with tons of behind-the-scenes stuff was worth it. (Circuit City)
24 SEASON 3: I’ve watched every episode of this series, and wasn’t planning on buying the boxsets. Season 3 was when the show got really good (season 1 was an intro, season 2 kinda sucked, season 4 just got released) and I managed to find the set for only $20 on Black Friday. It was the last one left, and was normally priced at almost $60. I won’t make a habit of buying TV show DVD’s, but this was too good a deal and I actually had wanted to rewatch it again. (Best Buy)

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