The Car Accident: Revisiting Bullshit (LIVEJOURNAL)

        Oh, this is just great…turns out there’s more damage to the van from the car accident and it’ll cost $1300 to repair. But this isn’t the bad news since I’m not the one paying for it. The bad news is that my insurance is going to skyrocket (the calls were made and everything). So because my parents sent me out to drive in a crap van for a three-hour drive while my mom used the good car to drive three blocks to work, I get screwed. My dad keeps saying the tires are new, and that the van is just fine. And you know what? It doesn’t matter. I told both of them that I did not feel safe or comfortable driving the van in potentially snowy conditions. So whether there is actually something wrong with the van or not, this was made clear more than once and that should have been enough.
          My dad had said, “well, you’re only insured on the van”. So essentially he thinks it’s better for me to take an insured vehicle I’m not comfortable with rather than an uninsured vehicle. Insurance is only an issue if there is an accident, and I know that if I were driving a car with more power the outcome would have been different. The van is simply too weak and slides all around the road and I know for a fact that it isn’t my fault as a driver. I’ve come to a complete stop and out of nowhere started to slide to the right. It just doesn’t function well on snow or ice. I’ve had bad experiences with the van in the past, so I had proof to back up the fact that it wasn’t reliable or at the very least not reliable enough for ME to feel safe in it. But my parents disregarded this. They ignored my safety. They were selfish. And now it’s going to cost me money?! I was the one who was nearly killed on several occasions on the drive home, chiefly due to the fact that the van can’t brake worth a damn in snow.
          Now, you could say that I shouldn’t have driven to Rochester at all if I didn’t feel safe in the van. And I’ll tell you this: The night before I left Rochester my dad told me on the phone that it was going to be snowing in the morning, but he needed the van back as soon as possible. So he essentially told me to drive it home…in the snow…because he needed it, right? Nope. I got home at 9am and both my parents were off to work until at least 3pm and my sister was in school. So there was absolutely no urgency in getting the van home in a timely manner.

So why did he push me to get it home so quickly?
Even while knowing it would snow?
And knowing I wasn’t comfortable driving it in such conditions?

         The only explanation is stupidity. My dad said he never would have stuck me with the van if he thought it was unsafe. Except I told him that I felt unsafe in it. And, surprise, look what happened. And I don’t care what it takes I’m not paying a single damn cent for the foolishness of my parents. I shouldn’t have to pay for their bullshit.
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