Facebook is NOT Twitter (FB NOTE)

Okay, this has been a long time coming…

More and more people keep using their facebook statuses as a means of bitching about whatever drama has come up in their life and do so frequently throughout the day. Now I cannot say I’ve never gone on a rant in my own status updates so I’m not condemning it entirely. But when your facebook feed is just a laundry list of complaints or trivial everyday nonsense THEN it becomes a problem. Upset that you have no friends? Just went through a rough break-up? Do you think you’re fat? Did you get drunk and whore yourself out last night? Were you late to work? Did you just paint your nails? Did you take in oxygen and release carbon dioxide? Again??

Nobody cares. Nobody.

But it does still have an impact, just not the one you probably want. Know what it is? Pity. I see these public statements of “i hate this FML” and “he/she is soooooo redic” and “just sneezd again omg” and I feel so overwhelmingly sorry for you. Sorry because, grammar and basic English aside (really, if a word ends in -ed, don’t just put -d… it saves you from typing, what, ONE letter?!), you are obviously seeking attention, nay, NEED attention. Then that feeling of pity quickly warps into irritation. Everyone wishes there was a “dislike”. Me? I’m hoping for a “bitch slap” button because that’s what I’d “like” to do to each and every one of you whining, moaning, oh-woe-is-me-even-though-life’s-been-handed-to-me, usually born in the ’90s types.

Vent on occasion if you feel the need. Who doesn’t? But if it’s a regular thing seek therapy from a real professional instead of your 1,281 “friends”. Or start twittering, where that kind of thing is expected.

In either case, life isn’t nearly as bad as you make it out to be, so knock it off.
side note: You might think “Dave, just delete your facebook account if it annoys you so much!” And believe me, I would, but it remains the best method of keeping in touch with certain people and I happen to enjoy playing Bejeweled Blitz. And it’s not really facebook itself, but certain people that use it. So for now I’m keeping it.


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