Stupid humans. (FB NOTE)

What’s the deal with rap music?

It’s primarily a bunch of black assholes speaking fast with the worst grammar possible, glorifying and encouraging young people to screw anything with a vagina, shoot anything that breathes, and snort anything resembling coke, all while the same monotonous beat pounds in the background allllllll under the guise of “inspiring” those “in the hood” to achieve fame and fortune and “honeys” while at the same time saying “nigger” every other word which only encourages a continual racial divide that hurts their already battered and bruised culture.

I say all this because I generally tutor black males at my job in a poor school district and I can honestly say that RAP MUSIC IS THE PROBLEM (in addition to shitty parents that were too brain dead to consider abortions in the first place). Modern black culture is ruining the next generation. Black and white youth alike are trying to emulate their favorite “gangsta” rap stars and are turning into self-entitled punks that think reading is a chore yet expect to somehow be driving beamers with a backseat full of hookers and blow. And these people aren’t exceptions to the rule, they ARE the rule.

Today a student of mine was blasting his headphones to some trashy rap (typical) and I commented that I thought rap is utterly pointless. He replied, “Yo nigga, fucks wrong wit’ you white boy? Dis beat is mad hot, son! Hard shit, nigga!” To which I wanted to reply with PUNCH TO THE FACE. Instead I told him to go home and think about whether he’d rather be poor, a drug dealer, a prison inmate, or something respectable. I anxiously await his decision.

It’s a good thing the school year is almost over with because after staying calm and collected all year this nonsense is finally getting under my skin.

The sooner this genre of music, and culture as a whole, dies out and evolves into something productive the better off our society will be.

Explain this creature to me, please:



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