How Far the Rabbit Hole Goes (FACEBOOK NOTE)

Most people don’t “decide” what to believe because they are indoctrinated into a set of beliefs, devoid of choice. I liken it to The Matrix: “we accept the world in which we are given.” But when a particular source, whether that be provable sciences or mind-opening philosophies or a certain other trigger of logic and reason from something or someone more enlightened than ourselves, that somehow penetrates our current perceptions… when one of these things is finally presented then we have the opportunity (ie choosing the red or blue pill) to factor in that source. If the right pill is digested, we come out closer to the truth or perhaps just further from a lie. 

Some can’t digest such an enlightened step because the opportunity simply hasn’t presented itself, while others are just too afraid by the mere prospect of tampering with their long-treasured, albeit facade, of a reality that they simply cannot move forward because they’d see it as a step back. 

That’s how I’ve come to understand the theists of the world, not with hate or anger but pity; pity that they haven’t had the same opportunity I and many others have had or are too afraid to take advantage of when it was available.

Do we blame someone when they jump at hearing a sudden unknown noise? If they are told that a cat is about to knock something of a shelf… no. Or for thinking they’re about to fall back in a chair? If told that the chair is very secure… no. It’s all just fear, and as long as it remains present in the world then there will undoubtedly be religion and those that follow it because the unknown is a mystery that needs resolution. The difference between those who believe and those who don’t? Theists claim to have solved the case, an atheist thinks there is no case, and an agnostic acknowledges the investigation remains ongoing. 

I’ll stick with the latter.


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