Coffee Party Post (FACEBOOK NOTE)

Everyone has heard of the Tea Party, yes? Well there has also existed for some time, though less vocal, a group called the Coffee Party. I know it sounds laughable, but they are unique in the sense that they promote sane, progressive ideas… minus the redneck, racist, homophobes that populate the ignorant and often mentally challenged Tea/Palin Party. The Coffee Party facebook page recently had a discussion about ideas to fix the country, so here is my list of ideas. And yes, I have plenty more… but if I provided all of them then I might be forced to run for some kind of office and we don’t want that… do we? This list is not in any particular order nor are they necessarily the ten highest priorities. This is just what came to my mind first.
1.) reverse recent ruling on campaign finance laws (unless you like the idea that corporations now have UNLIMITED influence on who runs the country)
2.) single payer system
3.) raise taxes to 50% on those making over $500,000 to
offset the deficit
4.) leave Afghanistan (and Germany and Russia and Korea and Vietnam and… yeah, we still have troops everywhere, folks)
5.) legalize gay marriage
6.) decriminalize every drug, tax it (RE: Portugal)
7.) legislative program solely to create a country of green jobs and reduce need for oil by 30% by 2015 (New Deal style)
8.) release all non-violent offenders from both state and federal prisons, put all savings directly toward education programs
9.) TERM LIMITS for all politicians
10.) try Bush and Cheney for the war crimes they freely admit to committing
  • Adam TSon now with #6 i i would most likely be the person to back that, but at the same time i do not feel that decriminalization of every drug is the right idea. Say cocaine for instance, no that should not be legalized i have seen so many people that have done that and i have seen what kind of rabbit holes they fall into and it’s not good. Yes i do agree that some should especially marijuana which has been know to help with so many medical problems. Also marijuana unlike alcohol does not contribute to domestic violence or getting into accidents like alcohol, i know i would just rather go for a walk or sit on my couch lol. but hey i am not looking for a debate this is just an idea i have. I understand that prohibition goes against everything our country is supposed to stand for but it is there to also protect us and keep us vigilant.

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