When I was hired to work at Curtis Printing as a graphic designer back in 2007, I made a forecast for my future. Based on my expenses at the time I could have paid off most of my college loans and had 10K saved up… enough to move to California by 2009. The job didn’t pan out as hoped. Touch-and-go employment followed and a change in my living situation sapped up most of my income. I managed to still have the 10K saved up by ’09, enough to blindly move to CA without a job lined up, but nothing to speak of for paying off those loans. I despise debt. Regardless, I was still in a position to head to the west coast.
But then I was offered a tutoring position that paid more per hour than I’d ever earned before. The new apartment I had moved into was very cool. And I really didn’t want to cross the country in my shitty Plymouth Voyager with 15mpg.
I decided to stay in NY just a little longer.
Thus far I’ve been able to save 15K and upgraded to a Prius. Odds are good I have a roommate lined up if I moved in 2011 plus I’ll have 25-30K in the bank. With the job market so uncertain, I feel it’s smart to stick with this tutoring gig for the 2010-2011 school year. It’ll be the longest I’ve ever held down a job which will look great on my resume and I’ll be in a terrific position to move when it’s over.  
People say to “follow your dreams” at all costs and I feel somewhat unhappy that I pushed mine aside for two extra years because it feels like I did it because of money. But I know that’s not why I waited. I waited because I want to move without the pressure of “I need a job right now!!” the second I arrive in CA. I waited because I actually like my new job and it turns out I’m good at it… possible foundation for a career as an educator. And yes, money is nice to have…
I hope I made the right choice. 
  • David Archer Bond Yeah, I think so too. I’m just so damn anxious to get there and really gangbang the creative art scene that is no longer calling my name but shouting. You Knizeks should hit up the Stockade soon, btw. I’m off work until September so I’m pretty much free. Curious to hear more about this business venture of yours…
  • David Archer Bond Upon reflection nearly 3 years later… goddamn I shouldn’t have waited. I never would have gotten into my car accident, undergone the legal drama, become a fugitive living in Los Angeles for 10-months, gone to prison for 9 months, or had a year of parole in NY!! I could have been settled in CA back in Fall 2010… now it’s pushed back to Spring 2014. That’s about a 3.5-year difference! Although I did spent almost a year in CA, so I guess that’s about 2.5 yrs that I missed out on being there. And the job market would have been complete shit in 2010. And I wouldn’t have had the source material from my stint in prison to inspire my graphic novel. And let’s face it, being a fugitive sounds kinda badass. And I probably wouldn’t have met the same awesome people that I did because everything went off the rails. Hmmm…

    Maybe everything did turn out for the best.

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