Political Debate With a Redneck – Part Two

Here’s the 2nd and final part of the debate. Again, all of my opponents words are in italics. Kudos to anyone that actually reads this whole fucking thing: 
Ryan Williams December 7 at 3:16am
16. I am not refuting that Bush was a bullshitter too. It takes a lot of bullshit and a lot of money to win an election. I told you I am not a big fan of Bush, he spent too much money for one thing.
RE: The same place Bush got all his money: China. Unfortunately, Bush created problems with China’s money and now Obama’s need more of it to FIX those problems. (Health care reform, by the way, reduces the deficit.)
Our history shows us that more money and more fed gov involvement does not fix anything, it adds to the problem. Why do people think that more money will fix anything if the first set of funds got us into the mix???? This is not western europe!
RE: Please explain how health care reform reduces the deficit in the long run…
Ryan Williams December 7 at 3:20am 
17. It wasn’t a political jab, you were actually being misleading. See I told you your pride would not allow you to admit your wrongdoing! Let me explain to you again. You compared two (2) shows’ viewers on comedy central to an entire network’s viewers on fox to make your stats look better. Then I corrected you and compared them to actual shows on FOX news with the stats being a lot more balanced.
Ryan Williams December 7 at 3:25am
RE: “Again I ask you: how was I misleading? One, I didn’t even mention Rush. And second, I didn’t specify O’Reilly. If you read the study, it has Fox News at 35% and O’Reilly at 51%. This means viewers of just O’Reilly are well-informed, despite his bullshit commentary, but viewers of Fox News in general are not as well-informed. I specifically compared the Daily Show (54%) with the general Fox News viewers (35%), not O’Reilly’s audience.
Come on man, are you serious??? If you are going to compare the entire network of fox news’ viewers then you have to compare it to the entire network of comedy central’s viewers (which is probably a lot lower than 35%), not just two of it’s (comedic) shows
Ryan Williams December 7 at 3:30am
RE: I’m getting fucking sick of you, man. I fucking TOLD you that I’m upset over Obama’s decision on Afghanistan. I fucking TOLD you I’m upset over his lack of action in regards to gay rights. Yet you have the fucking nerve to tell me I defend everything Obama?! You either have a very low level of reading comprehension or you’re being intentionally stupid. Either way, fuck you.
Hey buddy you need to cut out the hateful rhetoric, I ask that you please give me the respect that I have showed you. I may have used profanity in my statements but never directly at you and never with angry connotations.
Nonetheless, you are defending almost all of his policies.
How come you didn’t comment on anything where we find common ground??
Ryan Williams December 7 at 4:58am
PMSNBC ran the same piece about the burger with a Wayne’s World clip, Sean ran it with a Seinfeld clip, hilarious
Al Franken is a douche, and he is a pinhead
Obama is not a racist, he does however, have a deep affinity for black people, and has and will defend blacks over whites
Ryan Williams December 7 at 5:22am
 How much time do you have? There were personal attacks on Bush everyday when he was in office, Cheney too. Who cares about CNN, they have to be going broke, their ratings are in the toilet. pms and hln are now rated higher than cnn. O’Reilly’s program alone beat the entire prime time lineup for cnn this week.
Ryan Williams December 7 at 5:23am
 You didn’t comment on any of the foreign policy issues I talked about, must not be a strong area for you, like I said that is where all my interest is.
Dave Barnes December 7 at 5:39pm
1.) RE: If you cannot see that with health care the choice is unfair because it forces people into the system then we cannot talk about this issue anymore.
Then I guess we can’t talk about it anymore. You have not explained nor provided any evidence that health care reform is ‘unfair’.
RE: We all know that the vast majority of people in this country are happy with their current coverage and at least they are allowed to make the choice. 
Yes, and these people will be allowed to keep that coverage and continue being happy with it.
RE: This bill is the first step in wealth redistribution tactics that Obama so believes in.
Aside from a 3% higher tax on the rich, is there is there anything else?
RE: here is a very small number of people in this country that would like to have coverage and cannot afford it, those people need to work harder. Everyone is looking for a handout and Obama is trying to give them.
How hard someone works doesn’t necessarily decide whether or not they have health care benefits. I work 3 jobs right now, averaging 70 hours a week. None of my jobs provide ANY benefits. I’m hardly an exception.
RE: Of course people are going to sign on, it’s a win win for them, but a lose lose for the federal government, look at Medicare and Medicaid, both horribly failed programs.
Technically the management of funds for these programs is the sole problem. Which is why the
Dems health care bill intends to cut Medicare big time to help fund reform. All of those cuts are being made by eliminating wasteful spending and does NOT affect anyone’s coverage or benefits.
RE: You still will not answer where the money is going to come from, you know why? Nobody knows, from China maybe.
Are you actually retarded? I answered this question in my previous email you illiterate bastard! Don’t scroll, I’ll re-paste what you asked me before and the answer I had given you: 

RE: Also, where is all this money he is spending going to come from? Please tell me. His fiscal irresponsibility is going to cripple our economy. 
The same place Bush got all his money: China. Unfortunately, Bush created problems with China’s money and now Obama’s need more of it to FIX those problems. (Health care reform, by the way, reduces the deficit.)

Try reading next time. Not doing so and re-asking the same fucking question that I already fucking answered is a waste of my goddamn time. And yours.
RE: Obama fully believes in a socialistic system where everyone draws from the pot, the health care bill is part of that pot, that is radical. The bill will help fuel Obama’s hopes of stealing money from the rich and dispersing it to the poor, that is radical. The health care bill itself is not radical, everything that is behind it and comes with it is.
Explain to me how a 3% tax increase on the wealthy is radical. You keep saying it is but you haven’t explained how. (Probably because it’s not!!)
Dave Barnes December 7 at 5:47pm  
2.) RE: You don’t think that the leaders of Iran, North Korea, China, Russia, most of the middle east and the world are looking at Obama like he is weak? Iran has said now that they will do whatever they want, they never said that with Bush in office.
In 2006 Bush imposed sanctions on Iran. Here’s how Ahmadinejad responded:

“Sanctions cannot dissuade Iranians from their decision to make progress. On the contrary, many of our successes, including access to the nuclear fuel cycle and producing of heavy water, have been achieved under sanctions.”

Iran was defiant throughout the Bush years. Prove otherwise.
RE: Diplomacy works with most nations, not all. It never worked with Saddam and you see what happened there.
Actually, it did work. Saddam handed over all the information we requested. He allowed numerous inspections by the UN. No weapons of mass destruction were found. Bush claimed he was hiding them and we went to war. Turns out there weren’t any weapons. Saddam did his part and cooperated. Bush ignored it and now we have over 4,000 dead troops and 100,000 dead Iraqi civilians, not to mention the financial debt it put us in.
Dave Barnes December 7 at 5:51pm

3.) RE: The czar jobs are really “gimme” jobs. The advisers he appointed are all super left wing, and you don’t think that effects policy decision and advice to the president, it is what these people base their lives off of, of course their ideology is going to sway their advice giving. This is another example of people looking the other way. Them doing their jobs is irrelevant to the nature of this discussion.
Actually it’s the ONLY thing relevant to this discussion! How well and objectively they perform their duties is how they should be judged. If a drunk is telemarketer for a clothing company but he manages to be the best seller, do you think he should be fired? Or should job performance be the primary criteria? If you want to attack the czars, pick a specific person. Then explain how something specific they’ve done has failed or had a negative effect. You need to critically analyze the performance of the czars, not analyze their personal philosophies.
Dave Barnes December 7 at 5:56pm
4.) RE: Owed back taxes like many Americans, hahaha, what world do you live in? This is another example of you looking the other way. I have never owed taxes to the government, and I don’t know of anyone in my family that owes. We are all responsible individuals that pay our taxes. You honestly think that if Geithner or Daschle didn’t get caught they would have paid???
You honestly think that just because you and your family is up-to-date on all taxes means everyone else is too?? I didn’t suggest a majority of Americans are off when it comes to their taxes, but there are tens of thousands that aren’t. Sometimes it’s intentional and sometimes it’s an honest mistake. I don’t know which applies to Geithner and Daschle, but I don’t really care as long as they’re paid up. It’s even possible that the IRS fucked up their taxes to begin with and they just didn’t point it out. I left out a W-2 one year and got an extra $800. Does that mean I can’t perform my job? All I care about is how qualified someone is. We can agree to disagree.
RE: By the way I love how you throw out your opinion and say that the criticism falls flat because that in itself is just another opinion of yours.
The above has some opinion in it. But my statement that many Americans are NOT up-to-date with their taxes is a fact.
Dave Barnes December 7 at 6:05pm
5.) RE: Why are children singing his praises?
Why where these children praising Bush?
RE: Can you imagine if Bush had done this?
Bush didn’t ask those kids to praise him anymore than Obama did. Certain groups took it upon themselves.
RE: The backlash that would have proceeded, holy crap.
People didn’t flip out about the praising of Bush simply because it’s a silly and petty issue. Kids singing a song to Obama is also silly and petty, but you’ve decided to make it a focal point of your criticisms. Go figure.
RE: Children should never be influenced to approve or deny a president, they are just children. I don’t preach my ideology to my 6 year old sister, it is just wrong.
RE: I think we are talking about two separate instances, have you watched the full video???
There was only one video that aired of Obama speaking to children. When did he do it a second time? Send me a link from youtube so I can see what the fuck you’re talking about. (See what I mean about not providing evidence?? You need to back yourself up, man.)
RE: The heavy dose of progressive ideology that is being pushed on today’s children in schools cannot be denied and it is sickening, it takes indoctrination to a whole new level and a whole new low.
It absolutely can be denied if you fail to prove your point. SHOW ME how these kids are being indoctrinated. SHOW ME don’t TELL ME.
Dave Barnes December 7 at 6:07pm
6.) RE: Obama and the special interests believe in a unified system that will control and legislate on a world level.
Dave Barnes December 7 at 6:13pm
RE: 7. From the get go, from the moment the sperm hits the egg, we have the fundamental beginning of LIFE.
So you believe that life begins at the moment of conception. Good for you! But you forget that this is an opinion, not science.
RE: Right away the sex is determined. The brain, spinal cord, hair, skin, heart and circulatory system forms in the first 4 weeks. Those are all separate of the mother! From the beginning the baby’s blood is separate of the mother’s.
So does having those body parts make something a human life? You’re entitled to believe that it does. I don’t.
RE: Just because the baby DEPENDS on the mother doesn’t make it EQUAL to the mother, the baby depends on the mother more when it gets outside of the womb than inside.
Uh, not really. Without the mother an embryo or fetus will die. A baby without a mother could be taken care of by someone else. At least then there are options. Being inside the womb is the ONLY TIME when a “baby” is 100% dependent on the mother.
RE: Your lame attempt at logic doesn’t work.
The above is absolutely logical.
RE: “Potential life until birth” and “a 14 year old having to tell her parents is enough consequence” statements are what keep pro-choicer’s thinking they are morally sound.
If you say so. The law is on my side so I’ll stick to it. You can fight the good fight all you want, but it’s futile.
Dave Barnes December 7 at 7:10pm
8.) RE: Now if you watch Fox you will never hear a word uttered about the other news orgs, Fox doesn’t want to give them the press, it’s brilliant!
Fox completely bashed CNN for allegedly not covering the giant Tea Party rally in DC. They even posted this ad: http://luckybogey.files.wordpress.com/2009/09/foxadd.jpg.
BAM! You were wrong.
And here O’Reilly brings up NBC: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HWVoYuPwg-8.
BAM! You were wrong.
And here Hannity speaks directly to Jon Stewart and admits that he was wrong about an issue Stewart nailed him for. This clip covers the entire story:
BAM! You were wrong.
That’s 3 instances of Fox mentioning other networks: NBC, CNN, and even Comedy Central. You were wrong 3x over, you ignorant little shit.
RE: On O’Reilly… you will see objective commentary against right wing and left wing policies
That’s it. I’m done debating with you. And I’ll explain why.
I previously sent you a video clip of O’Reilly calling Al Franken a pinhead (aka a personal attack). You replied with this:
RE: Al Franken is a douche, and he is a pinhead.
Which means that you DID watch the clip and acknowledged that O’Reilly did in fact call Al Franken a pinhead. But then you said this, and it’s the part that amazes me:

RE: On O’Reilly… you will never see personal attacks just attacks on policy issues.

You watched the video I already sent of him calling Al Franken a pinhead which is, in case you didn’t know, a personal attack. You SAW that O’Reilly did that and ACKNOWLEDGED that this was true… and then you fucking deny that he ever makes personal attacks?!?! How the fuck does that work?? The answer doesn’t matter to me. It’s something for you to answer for yourself so you can perhaps reflect and fix whatever mental defect plagues you.
I wish I could continue this dialogue, I really do. But when you blatantly lie like that, and contradict your own words, it’s difficult for me to believe that you know what you’re saying. Consistency is vital and you don’t appear to possess it. Another example to further prove my point:
You bashed Obama for (in your view) defying the founding fathers and ignoring the Constitution. Then you wrote this:

RE: You said that Bush was being unconstitutional and lied to the American people and you were right. However, if you knew the real strategy and reasons for doing what he did you would change your stance.

So it’s okay to break the constitution if Bush does it, but not Obama? Do you see what I mean here? Is it sinking in at all or are you going to deny deny deny?? You’re applying a set of rules for Bush and another set of rules for Obama. That’s NOT being consistent or objective, two vital elements of reasonable discourse. Without it, we can’t accomplish anything of significance.
I don’t know what your real problem is, but it’s clear that you aren’t very unintelligible. At the very least you aren’t consistent in your arguments. You may not be a huge fan of Bush, but you’re fine with him breaking the law if you agree with the policy. You can’t just make exceptions for the political figures you have preference for.
Until you learn that, you aren’t worth another fucking minute of my time. Your irrational thoughts are too frustrating to comprehend and your inconsistencies are too convoluted to decipher.
I hope you acknowledge where you fucked up and fix it.
Dave Barnes December 7 at 8:56pm
…it’s clear that you aren’t very *intelligible*.
Enjoy the irony of that typo.
Ryan Williams December 8 at 1:43am Report
Do you know anything about this health care bill?? It seems like you do not, have you read any of it, I have because I have been required to for my job. You are right, you will not be forced to “choose” the public option… directly. However, this bill does set a mandate for ALL AMERICANS that EVERYONE HAS TO have a CERTAIN LEVEL OR AMOUNT OF COVERAGE! The bill states that you HAVE TO PURCHASE a MINIMUM AMOUNT of coverage to comply with that mandate. If you do not have coverage, YOU HAVE TO buy the minimum amount. If your current coverage does not meet the minimum requirements for the mandate, you HAVE TO buy more to meet those minimums. If your current coverage meets or exceeds the minimum requirements then you do not have to purchase additional coverage but there will be a 40% tax on the premiums that exceed a certain threshold, the majority of those people are wealthy and the rest unfortunately just have to have high health care coverage, because they are sick, there are taxes all over this bill that target sick people because they cost more. So your 3% tax increase argument holds no water. Also, that 3% has provisions to be risen to 6% and 10% more over the next ten years. (It seems like you really know nothing of this bill at all and are just supporting it blindly, like many people are. You cannot get all your info from CNN. Don’t you think it is funny that all the major news networks in the country are endorsing this bill except for fox???) If you do not have the minimum amount, you will be fined and possibly prosecuted. It’s all in the bill, READ IT. So what are the majority of people going to do if they are FORCED TO HAVE INSURANCE? They are going to go for the public option because it is all they are going to be able to afford. That is the whole point of the bill. They do not want only 10 million or 20 million people signing up for it, they want the vast majority of the country to sign up for it (eventually almost all); these requirements will help ensure that, if you don’t agree I don’t care
Obama does want to redistribute wealth, he says it all the time, he usually says “move the money around”
These requirements will also be passed to all levels of the private sector, which will be ultimately crippling to the economy because most employers (especially small) will not be able to cover all of their employees, they will not be able to hire new people and will have to let a lot of existing employees go. And that is just small business owners and the entrepreneurs. What is going to happen to big business and multinationals? Most of these companies provide exceptional coverage to their employees, they exceed the minimum requirements, so they will have additional taxes, 40% or more. The coverage that the likes of wells fargo and others are already paying for their employees, which is insanely expensive, will now have an additional 40% increase on, employers cannot do that because they will go out of business, so they will be FORCED to “choose” the public option as well. If employers try to reduce the current coverage so that it is below the threshold and give the money to the employees, that will also be taxed, if you don’t agree I don’t care
It is so easy for this Admin to say that we will have a choice with our insurance, which is true, but with all the provisions most people will be forced to “choose” the gov option, I’m sorry but that is not the practice of a free society, if you don’t agree I don’t care
Hey man, I was answering based on how far I had gotten in your response, if you continue to disrespect me this will be over. You clearly do not have enough admiration and respect for yourself to pass it along to others. We both agree that the money will come from China, that is not where we want it to come from. Do you really believe the fact that spending tons of money fixes problems, never has in the history of our country. Every time we have prospered, we have spent little money, cut taxes and focused on the individual, those are all facts. Look at the Admin’s of Kennedy, Reagan, HW, Clinton 1st term, Bush 1st term, if you don’t agree I don’t care
Ryan Williams December 8 at 1:44am Report
If you truly believe that there will only be a 3% tax increase and that is it, then you have no idea what you are talking about, taxes are about to get raised through the roof, time will be my proof on this one, if you don’t agree I don’t care
Like I said, nobody wanted to fuck with Bush, he proved that he was a bad ass. Obama is weak and now our enemies are licking their chops, if you don’t agree I don’t car
My traveling experiences really opened my eyes to how great this country really is and how much I truly cherish it. I have lived extensively in China, Guatemala, Mexico, India, South Korea, Germany, Japan, Egypt and Israel. From my experiences, which are very extensive, people around the world love the American people, they are envious of us and jealous of us because they want what we have. My hundreds of Iraqi friends tell me almost every time I see them that they appreciate our country so much and all the good that has been done since we entered in 2003. Do you realize that we have built hundreds of schools, a few universities, dozens of hospitals, hundreds of clinics, multiple water treatment centers in Iraq since we entered in 2003?? Iraq will, in time, be a place where Americans will travel and live, if you don’t agree I don’t care
If an adviser is radical left wing in ideology, all of his/her policy decisions are going to come from a radical leftist angle. You are concerned about if they are on time to work, if they do all their paperwork and if they dress appropriately, haha, are you that blind. THESE PEOPLE ARE CONFIRMED MARXISTS AND YOU DONT CARE, if you don’t agree I don’t care
Tens of thousand of people (who are not up on their taxes) is a very small majority of our entire population. I love how people will defend tax cheats and say “well maybe there was a mistake” and “they eventually paid”, how despicable, they are crooks, Daschle paid and was still not confirmed. There is a culture of corruption in DC that everyone just turns a blind eye to, if you don’t agree I don’t care
This video of Bush is from a church youth group, they are not singing his praises, they are praying for him. I don’t agree with religious indoctrination either. These people represent the religious fundamentalists in this country that diminishing quickly. Everyone who has a brain (and uses it) knows that religion is nothing but a man made bureaucracy, if you don’t agree I don’t care
Here is the video I was talking about… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PdK8OFHT6Jw
The overwhelming majority of college and university professors and administrators are liberals. Liberal: 72% Conservative: 15% Proof (not that it is needed)http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A8427-2005Mar28.html
The majority of high school, middle school and elementary school teachers are also liberals. Now that is ok as long as teachers are teaching JUST facts and not their own opinions. The Heritage Foundation has uncovered thousands of instances throughout the country in the last 10 years where students were given lower grades for writing papers with a right angle and where students’ academic standings were affected for doing peaceful conservative activism on campus. Students are indoctrinated in leftist ideology from elementary school all the way to graduate school, why do you think there are so many young people who are “liberal by default” in this country? If you don’t agree I don’t care
If you want proof upon proof of this, check out these two great websites that track leftist abuses on campuses.
You want proof that Obama believes in a one world government????? He says it all the time. I hate sending youtube videos but here is one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xe7Gf1H0hmg
Remember Al Jazeera is a very left leaning news org
One key element of Socialism is unification of like nations and destroying one’s own nation’s sovereignty, If you don’t agree I don’t care
Science does not tell you without a shadow of a doubt, 100% proof when life begins. The real answer is that you cannot really establish when life begins, but it is not when the baby comes out, what about babies that are taken from the womb 2-3 months premature and make it??? All I am trying to do is let you know that the baby is separate of the mother, you can’t refute that! You are now dancing around the issues, dependency does not equal same entity, If you don’t agree I don’t care
What Law??? Where I live abortion is illegal
Ryan Williams December 8 at 1:44am
My point was too vague, I’ll give you that. I set myself up for that one, haha. The first one is a picture???? What I should have said is that Fox does not mention the others nearly as much as they mention Fox. What Fox does is point out extreme left wing bias, and to do so they have to mention the others, sometimes, The others mention Fox almost everyday, If you don’t agree I do not care
At least Sean is man enough to admit he is wrong, something you need to practice
RE: “That’s 3 instances of Fox mentioning other networks: NBC, CNN, and even Comedy Central. You were wrong 3x over, you ignorant little shit.”
you actually said this: you ignorant little shit——————-you must really hate yourself to throw out this much disrespect…you need to check yourself
O’Reilly said he was a pinhead based on the way he treats people and for his policy issues, so I would argue that is an attack on policy, and for the record Al Franken is a PINHEAD! Pinhead means something very small or insignificant, I don’t see how that is a personal attack, he didn’t call him ignorant or stupid, If you don’t agree I don’t care
Don’t use this as a pathetic reason to give up on the debate, I disagree that pinhead is personal. I am in favor of Obama using the patriot act, just as I was in favor of Bush using the patriot act TO KEEP US SAFE, why can’t you see that? I disapprove of Bush You are really reaching for reasons to give up and that does not make you look good at all, you are trying to demonize me and make me out to be contradicting when you know that I am not, you saying that I was contradicting is YOUR OPINION, and I respect that but I do not agree with it, If you don’t agree I don’t care
You want to talk about inconsistencies and contradictions, what about that terrible study you sent?? What did you Google that and find it in a few minutes and just decided to use it???
If you run away from this, it is almost as if you are in a mind frame of admission of guilt, If you don’t agree I don’t care
You are advocating for not attacking someone personally but all you do is call me names and attack me personally, why are you so mad, because someone told you that you were smart and your pride and ego are sky high?? I am sure you did well in school but that does not make you smart. I do not see you providing any evidence at all yourself, you lost big time on that study you sent, and you think videos on youtube prove anything. No matter what I send you, you will not agree with what I have to say, because proof is not provided through web pages and youtube videos, it is provided through experience, something I think you have very little of, especially if you are working 70 hours a week at 3 jobs that provide no benefits, that shows that you are not working at very high profile jobs. What do you do?
Dave Barnes December 8 at 1:26pm
You actually want to continue this debate after ending nearly every paragraph with “if you don’t agree I don’t care”? Yet again you’ve contradicted yourself.
I have no interest in continuing to write what amounts to an essay of factual information just to have them ignored, but I will address a few quick points.
RE: O’Reilly said he was a pinhead based on the way he treats people and for his policy issues, so I would argue that is an attack on policy.
And you’d be wrong (again). If O’Reilly wanted to attack a policy, then he should have explained why it’s faulty and how another would work better by comparison. Calling someone a name doesn’t accomplish that.
RE: Pinhead means something very small or insignificant, I don’t see how that is a personal attack.
So if I call you a pinhead you wouldn’t take that personally? But an “ignorant little shit” is personal because…? One is more harsh, but they are both insults. Again, you have a set of rules but you don’t apply them consistently. Here, I’ll give it a try: “An apple is a fruit but an orange is not. If you don’t agree I don’t care.” See how ridiculous that is? Probably not, I’m sure.
RE: Like I said, nobody wanted to fuck with Bush, he proved that he was a bad ass.
Except Osama bin Laden on September 11, 2001. Or did you forget?
RE: That is the whole point of the bill. They do not want only 10 million or 20 million people signing up for [the public option], they want the vast majority of the country to sign up for it.
If you’re happy with your current insurance and think that the gov’t program is terrible, why would you ever switch? I know you want to argue that the public option isn’t reallllly optional… but it is. Obviously the poor that can’t afford insurance would chose the public option, that’s a given. But that’s only 2% of the country. Everyone else that can afford private AND public insurance has a choice, which is the core issue.
RE: What I should have said is that Fox does not mention the [other networks] nearly as much as they mention Fox.
So when you said Fox NEVER mentions the other networks… you were wrong. Thank you for admitting that. This is a positive step.
RE: You are advocating for not attacking someone personally but all you do is call me names and attack me personally
No, was challenging your claim that Fox News is actually “Fair and Balanced” by pointing out that O’Reilly personally attacked Al Franken on air, Beck called Obama a racist on air, etc. I’m not a hypocrite because I’m just a private citizen (who happens to think that you’ve eaten too much sausage).
RE: This video of Bush is from a church youth group, they are not singing his praises, they are praying for him.
Telling children at a youth group to bless a cardboard cutout of Bush is okay, but telling one classroom to sing about Obama isn’t? You are admittedly consistent at one thing: being inconsistent.
Dave Barnes December 8 at 1:26pm
RE: you saying that I was contradicting is YOUR OPINION
Let’s try a really simple exercise to objectively settle this issue.
These questions require Yes or No answers.
1) Did you admit that the Patriot Act breaks the Constitution?
2) Did you admit that #1 is acceptable because it protects Americans?
If you answered YES and YES then it’s logical to conclude that you think it was okay for Bush to break the Constitution because, in your opinion, he did it for morally good reasons. Right? With me so far? Good.
3) Did you attack Obama for (in your view) breaking the Constitution via policies such as trying to provide everyone with health care?
If you answered YES then you’ve proven yourself to be contradictory because, in the event Obama is breaking the constitution, he’s also doing it for morally good reasons (to protect Americans).
He never replied to that last bit. So that’s a wrap, folks! Here’s a couple segments that, for me, really illustrated just how much of a re-tard he really is:
“The Bush Admin, Colin Powell, did lie to the American public about the “reasons” for going to war. In doing so they kept us safe from the truth. They had no choice but to lie.”
Really? No choice at all, eh?
Obama is not a racist, he does however, have a deep affinity for black people, and has and will defend blacks over whites. 
So the non-racist has characteristics of a racist?

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