Venting about Today’s News – Rated R

  • Pat Robertson agrees that pot should be decriminalized? Is that REALLY worthy of a CNN headline? Some old fuck that believes in the invisible man suddenly agrees with what every fucking rational person on the fucking planet already knows is sound and logical and he gets press for it?? Hey CNN, I agree that ice is a solid and water is a liquid… ya gonna publish that too?

  • North Korea is now threatening a “sacred war”. There’s nothing sacred about war, you idiot fucks. Go jerk off your tiny asian dicks and chill the fuck out. 

  • Finally, Rahm Emanuel is reportedly cleared to run for mayor of Chicago. Ooooh shocking!! Did anyone really think he’d quit working as the WHITE HOUSE CHIEF OF STAFF if there were ANY chance in hell that he’d be denied the fucking right to run?? Of course not. So why is this FUCKING news??
Fuck I hate the media. 


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