2010 – 0 + 1 = 2011

The concept of a “year” is merely used to measure the time it takes for the Earth to travel around the Sun. Why that has become significant as a holiday has always remained a mystery to me. Nothing is “ending” or “beginning”, but rather continuing as it always does. Humans insist on organizing life experiences into this artificial construct in order to keep the illusion that reality is moving forward; an illusion that our individual plots are moving forward. 
With that being said, here are the goals I’ve continued to pursue, some of which can and will be accomplished in 2011 and others that are ongoing endeavors:
– complete my second and final year as a tutor for the Sch’dy School District
– complete my third and final appearance as the mall Easter Bunny
– continue to write my novel “An Alleged Life”, short story collection “Death’s Door Swinging”, touch-up a sitcom pilot (“To Womb It May Concern”), and most importantly complete a lengthy storyboard for the portfolio… oh, and a voice-acting demo
– hit the magic number of $20,000 in the bank/stocks
– move to Los Angeles by 9/1/11 with a roommate in tow  
– once established, pay off the car loan or perkins loan in full
– find a career/relationship that satisfies and settle down
– take over the world with an army of my offspring
I’m especially excited for the whole “kids taking over the world” part. 

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