"A Tale of Two Fetuses"

I’ve discussed my stance on abortion with various people in the past and even wrote a little about it in my blog years ago. During a wall discussion I had today with two younger cousins of mine, I wrote precisely where I presently stand on the issue. I know, I know… I should keep my mouth shut and leave this type of things to their parents. But they advertised publicly and I felt compelled to speak up. I cannot stand it when young people espouse a view so strongly when they are, in fact, misinformed or flat-out wrong. The ideas of our collective youth will shape the future of this country, so I do have a stake in all this. Hence the opening of my mouth.

If read properly, anyone reading this that identifies with the religious-right will recognize that I’m not pushing an idea that is counter to Jesus or Mohammad (or any other fictional character for that matter). The only difference between those who are Pro-Life and those who are Pro-Choice is that one side has a practical means of achieving a shared objective and the other does not. THAT is what I intend to demonstrate.  

EDIT: I suppose there is one area where the sides do directly oppose one another, and that is in the cases of rape and incest. Someone that is Pro-Choice would never encourage such victims to go through with the pregnancy. The hardcore Pro-Life folks… well, they sadly wouldn’t have the same level of respect. 

Here’s the wall feed in it’s entirety:

  • Chris Gunn
  • Status: Singing on the car ride to DC =D
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  • Angela Sengenberger 
  • ohmygosh. are you going to the march for life?!
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  • Chris Gunn
  • Yessssss!!! 
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  • Angela Sengenberger
  • me toooo!!!!! 😀
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  • Chris Gunn 
  • Seriouslyyyy???
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  • Angela Sengenberger
  • yeahh!
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  • Allegedly Dave 
  • Supporting the government’s right to tell a woman what to do with her body… yeah, that sounds like a worthwhile cause. Maybe more energy should be devoted to educating our youth on how to make responsible choices and promote birth control to lessen the number of abortions. That way the same results are achieved (less abortions) but no ones choices are denied. That certainly would be more constructive then trying in vain to win a debate that was settled by the Supreme Court back in 1973.
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  • Allegedly Dave
  • Also noticed the keynote speaker is Michele Bachmann. Are you aware that she is pro-war, touts that global warming is a hoax, opposed raising the amount of Pell Grants given by the federal gov’t which would make college more affordable for our youth, and was and remains one of the biggest voices behind the nutjob Tea Party movement?! Check out the museums in DC and stay away from this woman.
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  • Chris Gunn 
  • My beliefs are not yours, David.
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  • Allegedly Dave 
     Actually we are in the exact same position: we both don’t like abortion (no one really does). But there are two ways to go about it. One is to find ways to help and encourage women to make the right and moral CHOICE, the other is to let our government FORCE a decision upon them (in which case women would self-abort with coat-hangers like they used to back in the day, which put women in great danger by risking infection and even death). 

The goal of lowering abortion rates is admirable and it’s one we both share. But the Pro-Life approach to overturn Roe v. Wade is as dangerous as it is ineffective. If anything is learned here, understand that Pro-Choice DOES NOT mean Pro-Abortion.

You’ll come to realize that in time. To be honest, I didn’t even understand it until I was 20. Live and learn.

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—– end of wall discussion —–

So there ya go. Did I come across an objective truth here? Can the two sides of the argument finally embrace the common core they’ve secretly shared all along? I sure hope so, because the abortion debate sickens me greatly. Rallies like this “March For Life” are counter-productive because they not only defy but circumvent solutions of practicality. 

But don’t tell that to Michele “God told me to run for Congress” Bachmann. She just might call you a socialist Kenyan. 

– Allegedly Dave


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