So I have legal situation that’s been so corrupt from the start thanks to a D.A. that decided to make me his personal project. The DMV provided already attested in court that I was in the right, yet the felony case is still moving to a trial. When the case first started up, my parents were concerned and offered to pay for a $2300 lawyer they’d found. It was a rare demonstration of kindness on their part; doing me a massive favor without me even asking for it. It was very nice of them. But I told them that if I went with a public defender first then I got whittle down the charges a bit so it wouldn’t be as costly if it came to a trial. I held off to SAVE them money. Well now it’s 99.9% certain that it will go to trial so I called them up. Here’s the conversation between my and my dad about this:
Yeah, so I need to take you and mom up on that offer at this point. 
We’ll only provide $500. 
Wait, when I first got hit with the charges you guys were talking about some lawyer you found and would cover that cost like $2300.
Things have changed, we don’t have that kind of money now. 
What changed? Both your kids are out of the house, you’ve paid off the mortgage. What big expense hit you guys??
Our finances are none of your business. 
I don’t need numbers here, I’m just asking why your savings have suddenly dried up in only a few months?
We have your sister’s wedding in October. 
She was engaged when you made the offer.
$500 is what you can have. Period. We were going to give you that when you moved to California but we’ll just put it towards the lawyer instead.
What? So your re-channeling my send-off gift??
It’s funny how we suddenly matter to you when you need money.
One, I never ask for money. Second, I’m still not asking for any now. I’m just taking you up on an offer you voluntarily made months ago and, frankly, it’s the least you can do considering I may not have insurance until 2014 because because of the priceless screw-up.
How’s that?
I told you about the health care bill. I could have signed on during open-enrollment last Fall and I specifically asked you and mom to keep an eye on when that would be so I could join. 
We told you the next enrollment isn’t until this June. 
Yeah, because we missed the Fall one. And what good is it in June? The law covers people up to age 26 and I turn 26 in May. I told you that last year; that was the whole point of signing me up timely because it was my last shot at being covered for who knows how long.
Well we can’t change that now. There’s nothing we can do.
You could call the insurance company and mention that you had signed me up in the Fall. When they can’t find any record you could insist that it must have been their error and they might add me on retroactively just to shut you up. Something like that is worth a shot. 
David, I’m not going to lie my way through life.
Two different doctor’s suggested I may have a brain aneurysm and that I need an MRI immediately almost a year ago. I missed open enrollment because you didn’t keep track of your insurance policy for me, like I asked. Now I can’t get insurance until potentially 2014. Call me crazy but I don’t think it’s immoral to lie to potentially save your son’s life. 
If I lie then you’ll just think I’m so cool after that. We raised you not to lie or deceive people.
If you were lying to a company for personal gain, then of course it’s wrong. But lying to save your son’s life? What’s so terrible about that?? My brain could literally explode! Do you not know what an aneurysm is?!
It’s not the insurance company’s fault though. 
No shit. That’s why it’s a lie.
I couldn’t do that.
You couldn’t what?
Put that on a company. 
So you’d rather save an insurance company some money, the fat cats profiting off the sick in this country, rather than potentially save my life? 
Now you’re sounding ridiculous.
How? Are you a doctor? Do you have cause to doubt the two actual doctors that, y’know, have devoted their lives to medical practice? My possible brain aneurysm isn’t my personal take on my health, it’s from two professionals. Why is my health even up for debate here?
Well what have you done to take care of yourself?
What? I eat fairly well, I exercise… I’m in better shape than you, mom, and Danielle! Aren’t you all the ones on diets?? What point are you trying to make here?
Have you quit drinking?
Yeah, because alcohol causes aneurysms. Are we playing doctor again?
We’ll talk to some nurses we know and see if we can finagle something to get you insurance.
Just a couple minutes ago you said there was nothing you could do. It’s so fucking ridiculous that we have to hash through so much shit just for you or mom to give a damn about me.
Reasonable guy, right?? Fucking idiot. 

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