America. We need to talk.

In 2010 you gave Republicans a massive majority in the House and took back several seats in the Senate.  I warned you this would be a huge mistake. I’m not saying the Democrats have exhibited any acts of brilliance either, mind you, but the GOP is worseby leaps and bounds. So what do you have to show for yourself after less than three months in power? Let’s take a look at how much destruction you’ve already managed to squeeze in thus far:

Your candidate’s loudest message during the campaign was “jobs, jobs, jobs!” And you’re right, we need the unemployment rate to go far lower. That’s a goal we all share. So what’s the first thing you did while in power? You temporarily blocked the following:

  • The 9-11 Responders Bill, which was solely designed to provide medical compensation to the heroes that helped dig through hell to clean up ground zero. (1)
  • The Repeal of DADT (Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell), which was solely designed to end a discriminatory policy against homosexuals.
  • The START Treaty, which was solely designed to continue the mutual and gradual disarmament of America and Russia’s nuclear weapons.

And why did Republicans block these items (among others)? Because they were used as leverage to ensure that the wealthiest Americans continued to have a tax cut. So they succeeded at making the rich even richer. Doesn’t sound like the job creation promise made for the middle/lower class, does it? Plus it increases the deficit (2). That sounds like a lose-lose to me, wouldn’t you agree? (Note that once the rich secured their tax cuts, all three of the above measures were passed, proving that the GOP was indeed holding them hostage.)

So what are you up to now? Are you ready to refocus on your pledge? Last I checked, your pushing for 100 billion in cuts to the budget that would result in the gain of… oh wait, I’m sorry… the LOSS of up to SEVEN HUNDRED THOUSAND JOBS!! (3)

John Boehner, newly appointed Republican majority leader of the Senate, what do you have to say about that?

“So be it.” (4)

Yes, that’s a quote. To be specific and fair, he’s referring to the loss of up to 200,000 federal jobs. The point remains that Boehner is perfectly content with the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs and supports the 100 billion dollars in cuts that would eliminate the projected 700,000. Yet he condemns Obama for being the job-killer? (5).

So what else is included in the Republican proposed budget cuts? Why, the elimination of PBS or course! (6) Who watches Sesame Street anymore, right? Our kids don’t need to watch one of the most educational and long-standing programs in television history, do they?

Also looking to be cut: NPR. (6) Yes, it appears the right wing isn’t happy enough with their current dominance of talk radio (thanks to heavyweights like Beck, Rush, Hannity). Now they want to destroy the one moderate radio station that’s still standing.

These two cuts both highlight the goal of the GOP: to lessen the number of informed voters and guide them to watching only Fox News. If you consider that a leap of logic, consider some of Fox News’ hired political commentators:

  • Newt Gingrich – former Republican Speaker of the House
  • Rick Santorum – previous Republican Senator of Pennsylvania
  • Sarah Palin – previous Republican Vice Presidential candidate in 2008
  • Mike Huckabee – previous Republican presidential candidate in 2008

To be fair, Newt and Rick were recently suspended because they’ve indicated a run for President in 2012 so it would officially be a conflict of interest to keep them on the Fox News roster. Course, I’d argue it’s a conflict of interest to have such strong bias voices working for a station that calls itself “Fair and Balanced” in the first place, but maybe that’s just me. The truth remains indisputable: Republican Politicians. Love. Fox. News.

And Fox loves them.

But back to the jobs. What are the Republican state legislators doing to try and spurn job creation? Never mind that, because New Hampshire, Wisconsin, and North Carolina are instead hard at work to make it more difficult for college students, who tend to lean liberal, to vote in the 2012 election (7). So much for democracy, eh? The Republicans want all voices to be heard… except the ones who don’t agree with them.

The final item on the GOP agenda, which again has nothing to do with jobs, is their War on Women. There are several movements underway, including an attempt to eliminate Planned Parenthood, but let’s focus on the biggest and most radical push by Republican lawmakers: to change the definition of rape to include only “forcible rape”. This would mean that drugging a woman and raping her would not be considered “real rape”, victims of incest would not be considered “real rape”, and mentally challenged women that are taken advantage of would not be considered “real rape” (8). All of this madness would be done to make it more difficult for victims of rape and incest to receive public-funded abortion care. (8)

So to sum up the Republican strategies:

  • The tax cuts for the Rich locks in Corporate campaign contributions.
  • 700,000 job losses makes unemployment numbers go up and Obama look bad.
  • Eliminating PBS results in less-educated Americans starting at an early age.
  • Eliminating NPR gives more power to right-wing talk radio. 
  • Making it difficult for college students to vote shrinks the number of liberals who will vote.
  • The radical pro-life Agenda locks in the Jesus-freak voters. 
  • Watch Fox News! Watch Fox News! Watch Fox News!

It’s clear that the GOP isn’t focusing on JOBS JOBS JOBS, as they had promised they would. Instead, they’re doing everything in their power to secure more power in 2012. And that’s all they seem to care about: winning by sucking up to the corporate interests while dumbing down an increasingly less-informed middle class. The great irony is that the middle class is where the majority of voters exist, yet many of you voted against your own self-interests! Start waking up and paying attention to what’s happening before it’s too late.

The Republican Party has mutated into a monster, exercising well-orchestrated strategies in a desperate ploy to regain relevancy after failing so abysmally under the leadership of the Bush Administration which, lest we forget, sank our economy in the first place.

See how it all comes full circle? Is any of this sinking in?

I hope so.

– Allegedly Dave


REFERENCES (in case you find any of the above is too unbelievable)










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