L.A. Apartment, Anyone?

Okay, so my plan is to move to Los Angeles by Sept 1. However, if someone is interested in rooming with me I’d be open to pushing that date back until JUST after Thanksgiving, at the absolute latest. I don’t want to be in NY when next it snows, that’s for sure.
Plan is to get a 1-bedroom apartment and use the living room to function as a second bedroom. It’s $800 total, utilities included. Damn cheap, no? (yes, the website says $850, I spoke to the landlord and he said he’d chop it down by $50 bucks, which I’d put towards a year round parking space).
Yes, I could afford to live there by myself, but I’m not too keen on the idea of moving there and not really knowing anyone. But if there are no takers, that’s what I’ll do. I’ve had enough of New York.
  • A block away from the metro.
  • 20 minutes from the Ocean.
  • 20-25mins from downtown LA, the main Hollywood strip, etc.
  • Within a mile of several clubs/bars.
  • Laundry and gym facility on site.
  • 10mins from a very nice movie theater. 
  • Sundeck and a pool.
  • Trader Joe’s is just down the road (think Aldi’s but better).
  • 1 mile from MacArthur’s Park. 
The photos attached are of the 1-bedroom advertised on the apartment complex’s website, so it’s not the EXACT room per se. I’ll be flying out there at some point soon to take my own photos, but the ones below give you a general idea. 
I have a couple people with some interest in moving already, but no confirmations as of yet. Figured I’d toss it all out there to see if anyone bites. It’s a great deal, location, and opportunity if I do say so myself. And it sure beats the fuck out of Schenectady!
(adding the photos tomorrow, fyi, but you can also see them all on the rental website:
MacArthur Park
MacArthur Park

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