The Government Shutdown

A lot of talking heads are blaming the GOP and Dems equally for the likely gov’t shutdown which is set to begin as of midnight tomorrow (Friday). I’d like to point out that the GOP has a couple interesting provision in their budget plan:
  1. to eliminate ALL funding for Planned Parenthood
  2. to strip the EPA of the ability to regulate greenhouse gases
If you give a shit about women’s rights (y’know, half the population) and the environment (that place we live on called Earth), then you should understand why the Democrats are refusing to compromise on these important  issues. The GOP is stubbornly sticking to their extremist ideals, hence a gov’t shutdown. I for one do NOT want that to happen because it will cost taxpayers 8 billion a week… and who does that help?
The great irony is that the Republicans should be compromising for their own Party’s survival. The last shutdown during Clinton’s era ended with the GOP getting the brunt of the blame which helped pave the way for Clinton’s second term. Obviously they want that “Muslim socialist” Obama out of office, so why would they shoot themselves in the foot? The answer: The Tea Party.
Those uneducated rednecks would rather the gov’t shut down than give an inch in the spirit of compromise. John Boehner knows it, but the Tea Baggers are a large portion of the Republican base. If he alienates them, he’ll be seen as ineffective and lose their support. If he listens to them, he hurts his party’s odds in 2012. Catch-22.
Many of us foresaw that the Tea Party would rip the Republican Party into two factions, rendering them weaker than ever. Well, it’s finally happening. The GOP dug it’s own grave when they started sipping the Tea. 
Next time? Stick to water.
Costumes? Stupidity? Why, it's the Tea Baggers!

Costumes? Stupidity? Why, it’s the Tea Baggers!


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