Schenectady versus L.A. – Crime Statistics

The shooting of another student from my work prompted me to research the various crime rates for Schenectady, NY as compared to where I will be living (Los Angeles, CA) and how each compares to the U.S. average overall. I expected L.A. to be safer, but some of this is just embarrassing:

While L.A. used to have major problems in this category, the latest data reveals it’s become safer than Sch’dy.
WINNER: Los Angeles

Schenectady be rapin…
WINNER: Los Angeles

This one is pretty close, but once again…
WINNER: Los Angeles

No contest.
WINNER: Los Angeles 

Wow. This one is… wow. No contest.
WINNER: Los Angeles

Even though these stats are relative to population size, I still thought L.A. would have at least one category with a higher crime rate. Guess I was wrong.


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