Never Fold if You Hold the Ace

“Only by living on the edge can you assess how high you’ve climbed and how far you could fall.”

This quote really resonates with me. (Granted it probably helps that I’m the one who came up with it, but that’s beside the point.) I won’t get into specifics, but let’s just say that a single bad choice, regardless of how minor it really was, led to a shit storm of events that forced me to ultimately make a difficult decision. Weighing the consequences, I feel I may have made the best decision of my life. Or the worst.
Either way, I am now on the path to living the life I’ve dreamed of. Perhaps there’s a brick wall on the horizon but as of now there’s no sign of such an obstacle. And if there is then I will slam directly into it because there is no going back this time around.
I’m all in, Life. Your move.

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