Settling In

It’s strange being 3,000 miles away from where I spent 26 years of my life. This was to be expected of course and makes perfect sense, but the actual experience getting here was more taxing (mentally) than I thought it would be. I’m where I want to be, the creative nirvana I’d been seeking, but something is still not quite right. A huge factor is certainly the loneliness, since I moved out here by myself. Fortunately I’ll have a roommate as of Dec 1 who also isn’t from around here so at least I’ll have a fellow displaced traveler to hang with. A good friend of mine will be joining early in the new year and a close cousin of mine as well in the middle of 2012. Voice-acting classes start in the Spring, grad school in the Fall… the future looks very bright.
That’s the predicament. The future looks bright.
Presently I’m employed but no hours to speak of yet, aside from tutoring an hour a week. Money problems are looming, though fortunately I have some stocks to fall back on if it becomes necessary. I do at least take comfort in knowing that I have a roof over my head. I’m back into a solid workout routine, eating fairly well, and only binge drank once in the past two weeks (6 beers… vast improvement over the 9 shots a day I had during a portion of my journey). I’m doing great in the practical sense. Mentally? Not so much.
I feel myself becoming more introverted and I’m sincerely hoping it’s just an aftershock from what I went through to get here. Between the excessive paranoia and anxiety, spending a few homeless nights shivering in my car, severe pains in my left leg that almost had me resorting to using a cane… and just the mere fact that even though I had places to crash during portions of the trip, I was still without a home to call my own for well over a month. I’m a person that not only wants but needs stability, a level of routine. I love spontaneous adventure and like to shake things up. I do. But I also need the basics to maintain peace of mind, as I imagine most people do. A home is one of them, which I’m thankful I now have. Reliable income is another story…

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