Mundane Meanderings – Groceries

Just did some brief grocery shopping today.
Got some heavily discounted Easter candy at Ralph’s (50-cents for a giant Reese’s bunny? Two please!) and will probably return there after the dinner hour to get some discount chicken. They always put out tons of $5.99 boxes of chicken for the dinner hour, ALWAYS making way too many of them, then knock it down to $3.50 later in the evening. It’s easily 3-meals worth and loaded with protein. Can’t beat that.
Went to Jon’s Marketplace for the first time and wasn’t too impressed with the prices, though it is the best place by far to pick up single bottles of unique beers. A 6.7% ALC, large bottle of Australian wheat beer for only $1.99? Sure as hell beats the shitty 40-oz beers that run for $3.79 around here. There are many things I don’t miss about New York, but one of them is definitely the Big Bear forties they had at Stewart’s for $2.25. Cheap, strong, AND tasted amazing. One of my top 10 favorite beers, actually. Go figure. I barely drink anymore, but when I do I’m sticking to Jon’s from now on.
Jon’s also had Rockstar energy drinks and frozen pizzas on sale, both were 5 for $5. Five pizzas will last me for months since I rarely eat fast food stuff. The Rockstar deal included all varieties so I stuck with the low-carb, low-calorie types. I’ve been hooked on energy drinks ever since I fell into Ralph’s trap. A couple weeks ago they had Rockstar’s on sale for only 69-cents if you bought at least 10 (normally 2 bucks each). Next time that sale comes around, I’m definitely stockpiling that shit.
Bored yet?

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