Pre-Crime =/= Crime

There was an article on recently…


…about a dude that was sentenced to 13 years for his eighth DWI offense.

Now, I’ve never been shy about my opinion when it comes to DWI laws. I fully believe a person should only be charged if they’ve clearly demonstrated themselves as being a danger on the road. If you drive perfectly well and are over the .08 limit, I do not believe that should be a crime. You shouldn’t be incarcerated for the “potential” of being a danger. That seems utterly absurd to me.

But I don’t intend to go on a tangent about the topic, as I already did so on the message board that followed the article. Here are the screenshots of my contributions:

I had some fun with this second one. I exaggerate my point for the sake of comedy, but it still illustrates what I’m trying to get across.

DWI laws seem to be such a touchy subject, with most Americans blindly supporting them without really stepping back and being objective about it. Let’s say a guy gets sentenced for 1-3 years because of driving with a BAC reading of .10. Let’s say he was only breathalyzed because he hit one of those random DWI-checkpoints and the officer vaguely smelled booze on his breath. Let’s say he otherwise drove perfectly fine and showed no indication of impairment.

Should that driver be pulled away from his loved ones and put in a cage for that? Does it benefit society to put a contributing taxpayer in prison, which will cost all the other taxpayers $40,000 per year to keep him confined? Locking him up, in this case, is what causes the real damage.

So maybe this whole “BAC” method of testing is maybe… just maybe… bullshit. 


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